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Hi, I like drawing and I'm using this channel to be more active with my hobby.
I'm not an animator. (I occasionally make animatics, but those arent the same as animations.)

Thanks for stopping by!~ I don't really know what I'm doing but I'm trying.


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ben dangerous
ben dangerous 23 uur geleden
The youtube algorithm brought me here .. Clue one shaggy hair Clue two bad British accent Connor you dawg
Mystery 23 uur geleden
Ghost Pepper
Ghost Pepper 23 uur geleden
I was lmao
Sky does art
Sky does art 23 uur geleden
**casually slides Hamilton reference**
Christian Jigmalm
Christian Jigmalm 23 uur geleden
Stan the rap! ✋😔🌸
Samuel_Gurke Dag geleden
That's basically me in every single sport
Mylitia Jones
Mylitia Jones Dag geleden
Omg number one is so true!there all soooo true for me 😅😢
Jacob Kangelidis
Jacob Kangelidis Dag geleden
My first anime experience was in elementary school. I stumbled across Adult Swims toonami block. And the show I saw was bobobo, and I saw this dude fighting people with his nose hairs and I was like “Huh, so this is anime? I don’t think this is for me.” Lol Stumbled on toonami again in high school and discovered Parasyte and I got into it and now I watch anime lol
Frank Da Slayer
Frank Da Slayer Dag geleden
Nel from bleach my girl
Mylitia Jones
Mylitia Jones Dag geleden
🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'm dying 🤣
Trigram Player
Trigram Player Dag geleden
Is your brother able to kill monsters with a single punch?
thatstupidartist Dag geleden
1:34 fits so well-
Craftmon20 Dag geleden
Thank you so much for this Emily! I am getting back into drawing and this really helps! Please, please, PLEASE continue this! Thanks, have a great day!
Domonic Campbell
Domonic Campbell Dag geleden
Why is this age restricted?
Bubbayoda5673 Dag geleden
If you have seen plunder that is on Hulu my crush is the blue haired girl I forget her name btw
BroonyMoony Dag geleden
bloominflowerzz Dag geleden
6:16 WE LOVE THE "The Promised Neverland" REFERENCE EMILYYYYY >:))
Gaming_blue Squid
Gaming_blue Squid Dag geleden
7:13 mine is Katara from avatar the last air bender lol don’t judge me she’s cute!
Gaming_blue Squid
Gaming_blue Squid Dag geleden
Lol a funny story so when we were at Santa Cruz and I was watching the simple plan movie with the money and stuff it took me three days to watch it and finally did but before it almost went to credits I could not Finnish it so it’s funny they we’re talking about the simple plan song
DaiShuryo Technus
DaiShuryo Technus Dag geleden
15:16 Emily has learned from Linus XD
MOIST kitty
MOIST kitty Dag geleden
man the girls voice is awesome
SHAYNE TOO Dag geleden
May I ask what is the meaning of "MC"?
Chidubem Emma-Ugwuoke
Pablo M.M.
Pablo M.M. Dag geleden
1:49 maybe coc****
shizu 💌
shizu 💌 Dag geleden
A embarrassing weeb moment I had was when I found out about h3ntai I had no idea what it was and I heard people talk about it on Wattpad so I decided to search it up on Google I was like in 6 grade when I discovered this rn I'm in 11th and for a month it mentally scarred
Aiden Riley
Aiden Riley Dag geleden
again with hugh jackman he was 52
SAA Official
SAA Official Dag geleden
*"Moshi moshi, keisatsu desuka?"* Another trope
serath78 Dag geleden
Where is the Jinx team?.
Fiercest Dag geleden
"Prince! I need help! How do I activate my power staff?" "Alright, listen to me carefully; This is very important." *Video pauses; buffering circle appears on screen. *
ARK Music Official
ARK Music Official Dag geleden
This is so wholesome why did the commu ity deem it innapropriate
V Dag geleden
I love their friendship
Michael Gavin
Michael Gavin Dag geleden
I am 11 but my Childhood Crush is himiko toga.
i wish this happened in the anime ;-;
Hugo Dag geleden
John!?!?He is Saitama in disguise
V Dag geleden
Kustu Patel
Kustu Patel Dag geleden
Me being 13 love with sasuke ,light, L😂😂😂😂
Bento Dag geleden
5:12 - just leaving this for myself
Coralie Papirakis
Coralie Papirakis Dag geleden
I MADE A FICTION STORY AND I WANNA SHARE IT!!! :D I'm so proud :) The sun hid behind a cloud. I sighed, staring at the window. “Sapphire!” Mom said, “Yeah?” I replied. “Tell Crystal to come downstairs, you and Crystal are getting a flu shot!” *Gulp* I hate flu shots! WAIT! I can’t forget my fox headband! Phew! I put it on, and slowly walked downstairs. I could smell cake, yum! I could hear sis coming. I could taste fresh air. I could feel heat. I put on my shoes and rushed in the car. When we got there, I wanted to run away before my turn. But before I could make my move, THEY CALLED MY NAME! Uh oh. A few minutes later, we returned home. “Happy 12th birthday, Crystal!” *Sigh* she is always the center of attention. I feel like I am invisible. I was as sad as a lost puppy. Well I get to have cake, so MAYBE it’s not that bad. I rushed back to my room and heard my phone ring. Oh, it’s my BFF Shiro. I answered, “Hi, Shiro!” I said. “Hi!” she replied. “So why didn’t you answer my texts?” *Throws head on pillow* (Muffled) “I got a flu shot,” I said. “I’ll check them,” I said honestly, “R u ded?” “Wat u doing?” “Ur not texting back :(“ “Can u call?” those were running through my head wildly. AHHHHH! “O-ok I checked them,” I said, trying to unsee them. She looked confused. “WellI have to go for now,” she said sadly. “Ok,” I replied, then hung up. *Jumps onto bed* *long sigh* I needed a rest. *Falls asleep* “today has to get better,” I thought to myself. “I think it can!” an unfamiliar voice said. I instantly woke up and looked around. But no one was there! The door closed on it’s own. I was painicing. Just then a mysterious fox appeared. It had nine tails, yellow demon eyes, red stripes on the eyes and down to the whiskers, the rest of the fur was white, a Kitsune! “Wh-who are y-y-you?” I asked scared because I knew Kitsunes were so powerful, they could do anything! The Kitsune smiled friendly, “I am Lahti,” it replied. I was surprised, Kitsunes are usually not that friendly, it must be a Myobu. I figured out she was a girl because girl Myobu have yellow eyes and red stripes on their eyes down to their whiskers, while male Myobu have red eyes and no stripes. “What are you doing here?” I asked, trembling. Lahti made sure no one but us were listening. “I want you to be happy as a Vulpix!” she whispered. My eyes widened. “A VULPIX?!?” I said, making sure I heard Lahti right, “Yes!” she replied. “But how would I ever become one?” I thought. “Good question!” Lahti said. “Woah! How can you read my mind?” I asked, really wanting to know how. “We Kitsunes can read anyone’s mind,” she explained. “Anyways, I can turn you into a Vulpix,” oh right! I forgot about that question. “Ok, but will this hurt me?” I asked, “It shouldn't hurt,” Lahti replied. As she finished working her powers she said “Ok, done,” I didn’t feel powerful at all. “Hey, Lahti? How co-” she was gone! “Sapphire come downstairs right now!” mom said angrily. She might have been calling me since I met Lahti. “Ok ok!!!” I said. We sang Happy birthday to Crystal, then had cake. After that she opened her presents, “I love it!” she said to every single one. I think she actually hates them all. I started playing my music. I forgot the name of this one. Then I went to sleep. When I woke up the next morning, I HAD A TAIL, I HAD FOX EARS, AND I HAD WHITE HAIR!!! I rubbed my eyes to make sure that I wasn’t imagining. THEY ARE STILL THERE! Wait, is that? Lahti! She will know why this is happening. “You are a Vulpix-” she said, “I never was a Vulpix believe me!” I said. Lahti looked tired. *Lahti yawns* “You don’t remember?” I loved freaking out my sis with my fox skills. It was like I was a ninja fox. “Lahti! No!” I just noticed her falling off a clif. “Yuci, why would you do this?!” I heard her say before she hit the ground. “NOOOOOOOOOOO!” I yelled. *Crys*. Yuci was a completely black Kitsune with red eyes. He’s a Nogitsune! Like Myobu, female Nogitsunes have white stripes on the same spot. Yuci noticed me. “Hehehe. Gonna cry?” he said, laughing at me. I frowned bravely, “bring it!” I said bravely. Yuci flung me and I almost fell off the cliff, then I saw Lahti, who wasn’t alive. I cried a little. I turned into a spirit fox, because I was so mad! I was dark-ish purple with black tips on my tails. I was cute though, I had dog eyes. I did nine purple fox fires, since there were nine… THEY FLUNG HIM AGAINST A WALL! His ears lowered, he was scared! “Ok! Ok!” he finally said. Then he flew away. I was so proud! But wait!!! I will miss Lahti if I don’t heal her. I found all of her fox fires and placed them on the correct spots. She opened her eyes slowly. I gave her a huge hug. I found a way to hide my fox and Vulpix self and Crystal never found a way to explain what I did to her.
Miko Inosai
Miko Inosai Dag geleden
I agree with you.
Belgin Koçak
Belgin Koçak Dag geleden
we're the same age but she's living the life I've always dreamed of.
Junko enoshima
Junko enoshima Dag geleden
conner thomas
conner thomas Dag geleden
tf y this deleted
Alicia !
Alicia ! Dag geleden
Rockstar7 Dag geleden
RIP pickels
Savannah Joubert
Savannah Joubert Dag geleden
Hehe old video go brrrrr
I have my own cat his name is yucky(dont judge named him when I was 2) and even though he's not as fat as my dads cat(yet) I bet he would do the exact same thing if he were my sidekick lol
Connor weiss
Connor weiss Dag geleden
9:47 Bro wtf it is great 👌
Darlene Hernandez
Darlene Hernandez Dag geleden
The hospitable glockenspiel repressingly travel because cover affectively form pace a rampant defense. venomous, noiseless business
Madeline Chung
Madeline Chung Dag geleden
I was more into yukito than touya like if you agree
Brian Garciq
Brian Garciq Dag geleden
This shis is sus as af
xX_NyaAngela_Xx Dag geleden
6:14 soo ur gonna ship him out..?
Ekta Singh
Ekta Singh Dag geleden
Jorge Padilla
Jorge Padilla Dag geleden
When they were talking about Tom holland and his body They became SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMPS I mean look at them they are blushing.
Insane Mang
Insane Mang Dag geleden
I was definitely a closet weeb
Chub The seal
Chub The seal Dag geleden
hello how are you i am under the water ouo
I do speak more English then the actual language I am suppose to too
Troy Garcia
Troy Garcia Dag geleden
Reality is often disappointing
Callum Law
Callum Law Dag geleden
Zanjs Dag geleden
im always there to love her but she killed my childhood friend, someone i grew up with, she also killed my friends thats why i deleted her
Nguyên Đỗ
Nguyên Đỗ Dag geleden
The camera man must be a professional
Totally Skirtz_.
Totally Skirtz_. Dag geleden
Dont ask y but I love when they swear 🤔
PixelbyPixel Dag geleden
shadrina tahil
shadrina tahil Dag geleden
I live for Kyoya's dub and sub voice 😭❤
Pironei Dag geleden
10Mil views soon
shadrina tahil
shadrina tahil Dag geleden
Pray for me guys😭😭😭 Im becoming a cat owner in 3 months😭😭😭
Venti Dag geleden
Never had a childhood crush tbh
Chris Gonzalez Rivera
0:52 kamaboko gonpachiro!!!🐗
Roary Dag geleden
米馨锐 Dag geleden
Have you seen legend of Korea if you have,t sham on you.
HaZard_Wookiee Dag geleden
NLblock deems this is offensive and/or inappropriate. I deem it wonderful
Jason 168
Jason 168 Dag geleden
When daidus said"i was into Sakura" I said to myself "I will find you"
Vanessa Mai
Vanessa Mai Dag geleden
I’ve had food poisoning before. She is completely correct about what it does. I agree. It sucks
RulesOfRen Dag geleden
I would i say im an Ambivert.
Missiyo Dag geleden
Did erasing not exist
mi mi
mi mi Dag geleden
I remember being a "tsundere" when I was in 5th grade because I refuse to believe that I actually fell in love with my guy friend ( •_• ) It was horrible
Sean O
Sean O Dag geleden
Im new, but I think I’ll stay a while...
pork boi animations
make a 4th
Missiyo Dag geleden
ThIs Is VeRy ImPoRtNT
hello how are you i am under the water ouo
I was borned five years ago lol now i am 8 (2021)