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Hi, I like drawing and I'm using this channel to be more active with my hobby.
I'm not an animator. (I occasionally make animatics, but those arent the same as animations.)

Thanks for stopping by!~ I don't really know what I'm doing but I'm trying.


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Xavier Varghese
Xavier Varghese 18 uur geleden
BubblyEriArt 18 uur geleden
OMG tha rap xD OMG I CAnT STOP LAUGHING 😂 It was amazing xD
Jackieplays 18 uur geleden
Lol they put a roblox character in at 12:08 while talking about eric
Sisilea Chan
Sisilea Chan 18 uur geleden
2:28 OMG girl your neck😂
matthew cullen
matthew cullen 18 uur geleden
this might be the seventeenth time ive watched this, love this song! absolutely planning on going another 17 rounds after this.
Erika San
Erika San 18 uur geleden
I come to NLblock once a day to see this just for the fuzzy feels.
Ashlyn Gihanna
Ashlyn Gihanna 18 uur geleden
This song actually fits
clairesouki 18 uur geleden
In 2021:Kazuki...will you KIS me? Back then:will cake with me?
Jayna Catrick
Jayna Catrick 18 uur geleden
14:02 he did not just say her 'down there is probably too tiny for his big ass-' emily: AAAAAAAAAAA ITS WHOLESOME
Foxzy 18 uur geleden
I would just show them my sketch book I got nothing to hide
I am wearing socks
I am wearing socks 18 uur geleden
Insert name here
Insert name here 18 uur geleden
I like how she didn’t censor one of the swears for some reason.
Daylin Hepp
Daylin Hepp 18 uur geleden
im at 8:17 pls mistletoe come in handy
LemonLeafCoin 18 uur geleden
I have a similar problem with Bulgarian. I do live in Bulgaria, and do need to use it, but except for talking with my parents and doing groceries, I just use English. Weird thing is that my parents are kinda proud that I know a language they don't, but still don't like when I use English at home
Daylin Hepp
Daylin Hepp 18 uur geleden
I really like this sorry im a few years and a few months late but i didn't know about youtube until late into 2019 and usually i like this mushy gushy stuff but im just cracking up here with my imaginary boyfriend.
Jackieplays 18 uur geleden
This is the odd1sout face Reavel if you don't know how he looks and also that real life pic of him made me cringe lol
Owen Massé
Owen Massé 18 uur geleden
Why does anime make me question my sexuality?
adamsrealm 18 uur geleden
Did they both sing this?
Mochi Macaron
Mochi Macaron 18 uur geleden
Omg this was so detailed and so beautiful! I just watched ATLA and you really did do the show justice : )
Nemurenai Yume
Nemurenai Yume 18 uur geleden
My weirdest habit is literally ripping half of my nails off frequently. I think I developed this as a nervous habit. (And no I don't rip the entire nail off. Just the top part.) Most people assume I bite my nails. And my parents once tried to put something on my nails that make them "taste bad" so I stop. But, jokes on them, I just ripped it off too. So far I haven't ripped them for about a year now. So hopefully that good habit stays. I pushed myself to stop after this one time I got my nails done and they kept asking "do- do you bite your nails?? Because this looks really bad" and then after they asking five times I finally said "... I rip them" and got shocked silence. I really, really wonder if anyone else does this.
Podracerzach 18 uur geleden
My girl's a dere, tsun tsun-dere
Salvador Toscano
Salvador Toscano 18 uur geleden
I like the song xD
Khaya Hutchinson 7g
Khaya Hutchinson 7g 19 uur geleden
...Face Reveal pls...
Lonefi._. Okami
Lonefi._. Okami 19 uur geleden
:D azula uwu love her
GusBus Shmurda
GusBus Shmurda 19 uur geleden
With Emily’s last point, about anime having “too many misunderstandings and not liking the slow burn”, I can understand that, especially with the anime Gamers.
Noah Skrutski
Noah Skrutski 19 uur geleden
Anyone else see the clannad reference lol
Noah Skrutski
Noah Skrutski 19 uur geleden
I gotta get out of my room more
Umberscore 19 uur geleden
Emily is dating a furry
Sophia Pelayo
Sophia Pelayo 19 uur geleden
This is like with me but with Spanish
BubblyEriArt 19 uur geleden
Shiroyasha 96
Shiroyasha 96 19 uur geleden
8:25 Yaoi. Damn me the day I decided to watch a doujin
blushviia 19 uur geleden
i adore :)
Niko 19 uur geleden
16:03 this is the first time i've ever heard somebody that isn't me use the term G
Neutral _
Neutral _ 19 uur geleden
Who’s rem
CSG 19 uur geleden
I agree that “Lola Bunny is the exception”, but Daidus is still a furry
Jacob Juarez
Jacob Juarez 19 uur geleden
When she did the Hamilton line = (me freaking out) Edit:I’m currently watching Hamilton
L. 19 uur geleden
She kinda looks like emi and the boy looks like maou. Can anyone see rhat
AngelGirlWishes YT
AngelGirlWishes YT 19 uur geleden
I don't get how this was bad, I really liked it! 😅
Joshiyoshi006 _
Joshiyoshi006 _ 19 uur geleden
omg u have the best art style ever
Leon Zhou
Leon Zhou 19 uur geleden
Sometimes my mom cleans pots with vinegar and I step into the kitchen and I *inhale* that shit
Pog Boy
Pog Boy 19 uur geleden
And a new ship was made
[VG]Bananaab 19 uur geleden
3:40 basically what I would do except with Chinese lol hahahahaha
Belle Forster
Belle Forster 19 uur geleden
My dad used to do the same thing A few years back (I was 6 I'm 12 now) and let me tell you all it did was backfire! My sisters and I started crying more and more. eventually, dad realized Getting mad at us for crying was doing more harm than good, and eventually, we stopped crying most of the time.
TraceYourThoughts 19 uur geleden
Emi:If your not at all interested in animal crossing and still managed to sit through this video- Me:Does this count as a shoutout?
Try Hard Games
Try Hard Games 19 uur geleden
My dad is named John
OofNeonBlue 19 uur geleden
Daidus and EroldStory: *Intense screaming* Emily: I haven’t watched that- Daidus and EroldStory: *Dead*
SourFree- Lemon
SourFree- Lemon 20 uur geleden
*Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun has left the chat*
Roadtrip Warrior
Roadtrip Warrior 20 uur geleden
Honestly I didn't like Anohana either...
Bondirectic 20 uur geleden
yeah u can hear her voice coming through at some parts
Nekiplex 20 uur geleden
Id say im in the middle, i love being with people and its fun but sometimes i get tired and don't really want to hang out with mates. So im an Ambivert
Sugarwolf_9 20 uur geleden
Felix Balbo
Felix Balbo 20 uur geleden
did they rank I Want To Eat Your Pancreas
Pawel Jaworski
Pawel Jaworski 20 uur geleden
Childhood Friend equals friendzoned Harem anime that can be Good The Quentessential Quintuplets
kyle lang
kyle lang 20 uur geleden
Inu yasha. Love ru.negima these anime are my jam
Jingles & Dino
Jingles & Dino 20 uur geleden
"I really like burn, its the best song" Me: I hope you....burnnnnnn
Deletoblue_on YT
Deletoblue_on YT 20 uur geleden
Ash x misty best ship
Diana Prince
Diana Prince 20 uur geleden
Honestly I like this. Not even ironically. Rework some stuff and you could make like a slice of life movie
Alin Radu
Alin Radu 20 uur geleden
me after hearing the song say ''jake'' instead of ''you'' be like :👁👄👁
ショウガGinger 20 uur geleden
*Screams in Robin is super similar to my Main oc*
Bridget Robertson
Bridget Robertson 20 uur geleden
Laurin Sperrfechter
Laurin Sperrfechter 20 uur geleden
And that's something which never happens to me I just realised something... I am going to die alone , Yay ? Ps: always stay positive
Maddy C
Maddy C 20 uur geleden
I was wheezing so hard during this video, that my mom asked me of I was okay from the other room lmaoo
Passixnate 20 uur geleden
For me, its lonely night :(
Anne Krystela
Anne Krystela 21 uur geleden
Same I guess I actually do that a bit if I feel too much angry when I was in Elementary school, like sometimes my bullies could threat me Just wish to be in school to be quiet and alone..
Anne Krystela
Anne Krystela 21 uur geleden
I feel bad at English a bit sorry
nelly phan
nelly phan 21 uur geleden
by the way my childhood crush was izuku midoriya from an anime
a_lesbean 21 uur geleden
Yunema 21 uur geleden
Not Asian, but damn I feel the same with the spanish side of my family. It's the one I was the closest to when I was younger, but it is the one I feel the most disconnected because of the language barrier, and even though I want to learn spanish... I don't remember anything, and I feel out of place with them ;n;
Swedish Fox
Swedish Fox 21 uur geleden
13:41 UMm aCtuALly hAlF eLfs CaNt bE Put tO SLeeP UsInG MaGIc. AnD tHey dOnT SlEEp eITHer.
Shreshtha Roy
Shreshtha Roy 21 uur geleden
Azula: Who is it today? Aang: Me Azula: Why? Aang: Ppl ship me with Zuko. Azula: *Get the hell off my balcony*
Shaked Amar
Shaked Amar 21 uur geleden
Ari tells
Ari tells 21 uur geleden
Wait you guys are daiting ?! 👀
Cat Love
Cat Love 21 uur geleden
Random timing 12:56
Shirley Wilson
Shirley Wilson 21 uur geleden
The cautious gander perioperaively whistle because path unknowingly borrow pro a mute car. faint fair, zany quit
bye tehi
bye tehi 21 uur geleden
When I was younger I went to a Party ,it was like you painted your face and then it shone all over the hall. During the festival, I got a drink with my friends and started talking to older people I don't know how it came to it , but they all started to estimated how old we were and half of the people there thought i was more than 7 years older than i actually was 😂
Richard the Ram TRX
Richard the Ram TRX 21 uur geleden
I'm Her Ride to School
F. G. Nørgaard
F. G. Nørgaard 21 uur geleden
I loooove it😭❤️
love, d.
love, d. 21 uur geleden
I agreeeee with everythingggg you saaaaidddd
BXflameburst 21 uur geleden
the poor pickles........ I'm gonna go eat a pickle
Good Guy bags
Good Guy bags 21 uur geleden
Kawaii Unicorn T.
Kawaii Unicorn T. 22 uur geleden
2 things I hate in a anime I watch 1 all the girls are different but almost every boy looks the same 2 one of the girls mom looks like her TWIN SISTER same with ALL of the girls except one ONE OF THE GIRLS FAMILY THEY DO NOT LOOK LIKE SISTERS AND THE PARENTS LOOK NOTHING LIKE THERE KIDSSSS This is in the amine lucky star ⭐️