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Hi, I like drawing and I'm using this channel to be more active with my hobby.
I'm not an animator. (I occasionally make animatics, but those arent the same as animations.)

Thanks for stopping by!~ I don't really know what I'm doing but I'm trying.


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Annonimous 1000
Annonimous 1000 8 uur geleden
This is what happens when a famous musical director joins Disney
Shield 8 uur geleden
2. 3. 5. are all yes. i can never remember if i lock my door/car. usually when im on the bus or at school ill check my bad a few times. and ill pay for my friends from time to time tho if they get it one time ill get it the other time
Bawks Mon
Bawks Mon 8 uur geleden
Idk man, May's better than misty
Everan226 TheAllGamer
Everan226 TheAllGamer 8 uur geleden
"do you want me too erase him?" One punch man: finally, a worthy opponent
Lillian Charvat
Lillian Charvat 8 uur geleden
konnichi wa 、 watashi wa shojiki ni iu to sonnani k-pop shi mase ne
Lillian Charvat
Lillian Charvat 8 uur geleden
lol sorry
Christine Wells
Christine Wells 8 uur geleden
last time i cried is bc i killed a fly- t o d a y
that1kawaiigrl 9 uur geleden
Me: *sees thumbnail *inhale *KONOSUBA*
cjjdbgnd nfbgnwnemgn
cjjdbgnd nfbgnwnemgn 9 uur geleden
stop giving me spoilers of fullmetal alchemist at the beggining pls iwi im suffering
x Rose_Gacha x
x Rose_Gacha x 9 uur geleden
Ur welcome ^v^
Shield 9 uur geleden
i cant believe people let you just skip over the "running into a screen door" part
*%Spacex *%Gacha%*
*%Spacex *%Gacha%* 9 uur geleden
My childhood crush is Harry Potter
Chârłīë’ś Frîêñd
Every time I go out I check my pockets every 10 steps to check if I have my stuff
firefox5926 9 uur geleden
1:30 in my day we called it babysitting lol
Samina Afzal
Samina Afzal 9 uur geleden
I love attack on titan and I love your channel
You Never Saw Me Here
You Never Saw Me Here 9 uur geleden
Whenever I see something I really enjoy I make a very ugly face, and trust me, I was hideous during this anamatic. 😪👌✨
walee Li
walee Li 9 uur geleden
Team hinata
Shield 9 uur geleden
this sounds awesome until you live in canada and it snows for 7/8 months of the year
Avatar yangchen BL
Avatar yangchen BL 9 uur geleden
Wow ... did you really have to do that Hamilton ?
Emily 9 uur geleden
As a Canadian, I take high offence to your lack of skating ability.
TGGJ 9 uur geleden
Never played the game but Monika is my favourite out of all of the girls and seeing her killing her friends just to be rejected is heart breaking. I wish there was a Monika route
Endless 9 uur geleden
me : chinese parents but born in the Us Also me : forced to learn chinese my parents : punishes the living hell out of me if I am bad at chinese me : life is hell man
Noa Danger
Noa Danger 9 uur geleden
I liked L toooo
NOAM YT gaming
NOAM YT gaming 10 uur geleden
can we have some god of highschool drawings?
Hime Honne
Hime Honne 10 uur geleden
Part 4 please 😊
MilkyWay 10 uur geleden
You have skinny legs :0
Thuto Mogorosi
Thuto Mogorosi 10 uur geleden
Bry Ske
Bry Ske 10 uur geleden
So I understand the other animes but SERIOUSLY?! YOU DIDNT WATCH AVATAR?!?!
TeQuieroVal 10 uur geleden
11:39 was i the only one who heard "Emily you are so pretty"?
Christine Wells
Christine Wells 10 uur geleden
1:07 this made me crack up-
ewick 10 uur geleden
Translation: .”Do you want me to erase him?” .”Should i make him disappear?” .”Do you want me to OFF this fool?” Me:OH HECK NO SIMP
Nameless 10 uur geleden
Kinda surprised no one mentioned N from pokemon cause goddamn he looked cool
Jonners Bonners
Jonners Bonners 11 uur geleden
If I gave you a present would you get my chicken nuggets?
GreenAnt560 11 uur geleden
In the last episode of adventure time marceline and princess bubblegum are dating and I think that's adorable
Kk Rosero
Kk Rosero 11 uur geleden
20:33 Mitsuki is the only character I can say I REALLY HATE
TeQuieroVal 11 uur geleden
the first moment of the video made me watch the whole damn thing
Nickkleee 11 uur geleden
I think joey should go to heaven for that murder
DogoDober 11 uur geleden
Gud night
FurbySnowLeopard 11 uur geleden
Im 100% Italian
Ana Rembao
Ana Rembao 11 uur geleden
2 boys after you? You must be as pretty as your are in your drawings
HeavenlyWally 11 uur geleden
Avatar is one of the 3 animes I’ve watched
Molly Swearingen
Molly Swearingen 11 uur geleden
Oh my gosh if this was an actual comic I would read it over and over! I love your drawings and your art style!
pokemon fangirl
pokemon fangirl 11 uur geleden
the real life DIY's are so cool and when my best friend's birthday comes around I'll be using the idea shown in this video, you got yourself a new sub buddy
Anioofitsari :3
Anioofitsari :3 11 uur geleden
Omg yasssss the bi queens Korra and Asami YESSS
xToickle 11 uur geleden
Video image: Konosuba What they talk about in the video: every single other anime than konosuba
Aurora Gillespie
Aurora Gillespie 11 uur geleden
What if Katie commented on this??
Squid Coder
Squid Coder 11 uur geleden
Ah 4kids... *cries*
NeedforGaming 321123
NeedforGaming 321123 11 uur geleden
after this video everyone: looking for the school name xD
TheMasterGlitcher ESP
TheMasterGlitcher ESP 11 uur geleden
You act remember me something VERY bad about anime so I was like 9 or 7 oh wait i was 10 ok ok so my dad was having a friend that watchs a lot of anime so one day that friend (im going to call he Steve) steve just tell to my dad "You Know what ahegao is?" and i was in the computer so my dad just ask me "wtf its ahegao" and i search it and i was that type of kid that put images for seeing what its that and when i search it i click in images that was the most Embarrassing moment because its like idk like Adult anime cartoon but its just the head (search it so you can see what its ahegao) and when my dad see it he just disconnect my computer but like 0.1 seconds and i was like DAMN IT and then Steve and me dad just "yeah umm Steve am just going to... |Got Blocked|" yep my dad just blocked steve and my dad tries to like not talk about it so yeah i'm just going to suscribe and yeah bye
IceBird2 Shady
IceBird2 Shady 12 uur geleden
For childhood crushes... my major crush was Double D, from Ed, Edd and Eddy
Tamiyah Barnum
Tamiyah Barnum 12 uur geleden
Who’s here in 2021
lily page
lily page 12 uur geleden
WHat...? LOoNy your lying Right? You the spin off legend of Korra
Fire Wolf
Fire Wolf 12 uur geleden
But like.... Azulia from avatar I cant be the one??? Right😬😬
Fire Wolf
Fire Wolf 12 uur geleden
OH and Asami. Love Asami
I’m kiko
I’m kiko 12 uur geleden
Everyone - Your brother looks like One Punch Man. Me - ONE PUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WhenAllElseFails 12 uur geleden
2:31 Plot twist Emirichu has the ability to reject human anatomy and just become Luffy from One Piece to avoid kissing this guy
Aestethic Minecraft
Aestethic Minecraft 12 uur geleden
I’m checking the comments to see if Katie commented
dragonfish 365
dragonfish 365 12 uur geleden
i never liked monika i liked yuri
Lily Hutchison
Lily Hutchison 12 uur geleden
Now watch Ledgend of korra its on netflix
K4ng 12 uur geleden
every now and then i listen to a little bit of kpop but im not like my sister who... let’s just not talk about her love for kpop
WhenAllElseFails 12 uur geleden
13:38 bro when she said she didn't watch Gurren Lagann my soul was in pain lol. It's such a GOOD anime.
blub 12 uur geleden
omg YES
d o r y
d o r y 12 uur geleden
I remember taking a shower with my best friend. MY BEST FRIEND. And we were having a sleepover. And we forgot towels. BAHAHA and she’s like go down stairs. AND OFC me being me I ran to the bedroom. I ran into her mother. NAKEY. NAKEY. And she goes “ AHHHH” and I die and run away.
Callie Kohai
Callie Kohai 12 uur geleden
I was blessed enough to never have people who made fun of me for watching anime’s, I actually made anime friends or people who would try anime out with me lol
Heaven Toast
Heaven Toast 12 uur geleden
Barbie Fajarillo
Barbie Fajarillo 12 uur geleden
Fun for all Gamers
Fun for all Gamers 13 uur geleden
let me tell you the truth avatar is not that good (sorry but its the truth) edit: now after seeing these clips let me tell you its even worse like this sounds like its for 5 year olds
Galactic Padawan
Galactic Padawan 13 uur geleden
I'm Chinese but I've lived in America for most of my life, so my reading and writing skills in Chinese aren't great, and I can sometimes feel like a failure, but luckily in the last 2 years, my reading skills have gotten a bit better.
themesongfan 13 uur geleden
That twist you had planned for the future regarding the elf who was bribed, although it should have been predictable, somehow managed to hit me hard after all that beautifully told backstory, and I actually teared up for a moment. I dearly hope you can play out Plumeria's story someday. I and many others would love to hear all about her and her party's adventures and how they change her as a character.
Rose Stierna
Rose Stierna 13 uur geleden
There was this girl in preschool who went around biting everyone for weeks on end and we all put up with it because her mom ran the preschool. But when I told my mom she was like, "push her. Dont let that girl walk all over you." So then I pushed her the next time she bit me. Aaaand I got called to the office where I had to wait for my parents to pick me up and discuss my "violent outburst." I'm almost 22 now and I do not regret my choice. I also slapped a kid who took my glasses right off my face back in middle school. I say fighting back is okay. Maaaybee running into them at an ice cream store and then just going over there to beat them up isss a little aggressive but I can totally understand why and say: yeah, they had that coming.
Sphinxo 13 uur geleden
wait, did you just sniff the cookie before you ate it?
Sphinxo 13 uur geleden
the 1st one is like eromanga sensei and Nisekoi
Justin Scott
Justin Scott 13 uur geleden
Lol a second AND third attempt?! Wth and he did that after his friend confided in him
Boruto Uzumaki
Boruto Uzumaki 13 uur geleden
Team Raven
Elma Rahman
Elma Rahman 13 uur geleden
the fact that you were able to draw that well in high school is really impressive!
Ivena Gamers
Ivena Gamers 13 uur geleden
Me : Chinese Born : Indonesia Friends : Chinese-Indonesian But we : Can't speak chinese ಥ‿ಥ Only like, Ni hao, xie xie, wo ai ni, and... Um... Yea.. 🤣🤣🤣🥺✌🏻❤️
Candela Pugliese
Candela Pugliese 13 uur geleden
Emiricho: *Mentions Hamilton * Me: I'm going to watch the whole musical again-
Daniel Castillo
Daniel Castillo 13 uur geleden
Cdawg is here voice acting
shainii 14 uur geleden
Wow I’m so the opposite
K4ng 14 uur geleden
I haven’t watched avatar before this video lol
C 14 uur geleden
i have to agree with the ddlc character opinion Monika is the best