Christmas in California is Kinda Lame 

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I'm flying to the east coast for Christmas so I guess I'll find out if I have a Narnia Lucy experience or if I perish because I can't handle the cold hahaha
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23 dec. 2019




Bezig met laden.....

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nepp 13 uur geleden
"Christmas is lame in California" *me crying in Australian"
Shirley Wilson
Shirley Wilson 13 uur geleden
The temporary stepson phylogentically sneeze because thread chemically mine without a burly reduction. obscene, solid tie
Captain Merx
Captain Merx 13 uur geleden
As someone in Canada. I do not have much joy for Christmas. It is a winter hellscape and darkness.
a chip
a chip 17 uur geleden
Andrea Guerra Mario
Andrea Guerra Mario 23 uur geleden
*Me living in South America (Colombia)*: What is snow? Like Seriously, the only "cold" I have felt is a cold breeze because of the rain (I live in a veeery hot place) . And when I travel to cities over 1000 meters over sea level. But there's no snow.
Aylin Akman
Aylin Akman Dag geleden
Emily, if you like snow so much why not go to colder places in southern California like Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead?
Brian Smith
Brian Smith Dag geleden
I was born on California and had Christmas but I didn’t see snow sadly :( maybe because I was born in the 90s and/or because they only had warm environments there even in winter.
Az91 Gaming
Az91 Gaming Dag geleden
This is true
Art_ina_nutshell Dag geleden
The music at the end tho! Nostalgia 100%!
Staralo 2 dagen geleden
Me never even seen snow in my life T^T
HappyHippoEaters 2 dagen geleden
Cold and dark, yet bright and comforting, destructive and painful, yet calm and blissful, snow is the beautiful mixture of light and dark.
Remini 2 dagen geleden
I know the feeling. The one thing I regret about going to school down south is when it snows, something about the atmosphere of having a blanket of cold white snow covering everything just always put a smile on my face plus I really miss skiing
Owen Baker
Owen Baker 2 dagen geleden
As a Michigander I agree with your past about winter being a time for snow and hot chocolate, and sleds, and I can keep on going until I die
LeL More LeL
LeL More LeL 3 dagen geleden
Meanwhile: Connecticut February 2021, Hey want snow 3 days in a row?
Michael Cong
Michael Cong 3 dagen geleden
Emirichu your rapping is better than mine Well granted I am a 12 but your like 24 Also a happy 2020 well do I even have to say what happend??? if you don’t know than let me tell you if you somehow missed it school strikes (sometimes) people gets infected by covid and we get quarantine
- Aritix -
- Aritix - 3 dagen geleden
a wonderful start to 2020- corona earthquake(turkey) fire my best friend's aunt dying ye- nice start-
- Aritix -
- Aritix - 3 dagen geleden
Come celebrate Christmas in Turkey and see which one is lame =-=
Persius King
Persius King 3 dagen geleden
Yep all true but for me it rains and pours and cold and cozy and I prefer that so idk
Skylar Dodds
Skylar Dodds 3 dagen geleden
Yeah you definitely wouldn’t like it as an adult. No one really does.
Russell Castellanos
Russell Castellanos 3 dagen geleden
Hah I CAN’T agree Also yes it is sunny and on fire in California
Zikki 3 dagen geleden
And i have not seen actual snow before
TheLovelyUji 3 dagen geleden
As a Californian, I can confirm that.
Miner Mole
Miner Mole 3 dagen geleden
As someone who has lived in the south for most of his life, I really can't relate to all of that snow (except for this year (2021, specifically the 3rd week of February, incase anyone from the future is watching) where it was very disastrous for Texas). As for the music and light decorations though, those definitely exist here.
shopgaming HD
shopgaming HD 4 dagen geleden
*any countries on or close to the equator can relate*
LavenderTea 4 dagen geleden
The little paper on the present had one of those birbs that was in a webtoon right?
AJL 4 dagen geleden
Ummm how do I say that 2020 is crap
Panda Jenn
Panda Jenn 4 dagen geleden
I live here, and yes, Christmas in Cali is very disappointing. Especially if you're used to Christmas on East Coast.
TANSO YT 4 dagen geleden
her in philipines no snow but all her happy
Jennifer Miller
Jennifer Miller 4 dagen geleden
ah she did not know what was coming in 2020
Ducky Gamingz
Ducky Gamingz 4 dagen geleden
"For a moment, it felt like time have stopped" Za warudo
Ferry Muhammad Nur
Ferry Muhammad Nur 5 dagen geleden
Emily: "Christmas in california kinda sucks" Australian: "First time?"
Scott Reisinger
Scott Reisinger 5 dagen geleden
Emily: I miss seeing and being in the snow Winter storm: allow us to introduce our selves
Dark Light
Dark Light 5 dagen geleden
Maybe I late for this video but in Malaysia there's no snow at all, there's just only summer every day. Edit: and rainy.
Matt Linderman
Matt Linderman 5 dagen geleden
Me in Illinois: wanna come join me 😆
Boyce Snodgrass
Boyce Snodgrass 5 dagen geleden
Everyone who likes snow: owo Me who once was buried in snow for a few hours and had my power cut, and I like the feeling of only having to wear a potato hoodie outside: =v= (life is great)
Jakub Korba
Jakub Korba 5 dagen geleden
I never understood what are “snow days”. In my country it could be -20 (Celsius), a meter of slow and they would still make you go to school.
Krispy_ Pineapples
Krispy_ Pineapples 5 dagen geleden
*spending christmas with the people you love* Covid-19 appears
Scaddan Productions
Scaddan Productions 6 dagen geleden
It’s just like Australia, but smaller.
Astro Punch
Astro Punch 6 dagen geleden
“Have a great 2020!” WW3, COVID, Australia Fires and Riots: “Hahahaha!”
THE nuclear boyy.
THE nuclear boyy. 6 dagen geleden
We don't have snow here, but we have dirt and sand. That's pretty fun right?
Cati Da Duck
Cati Da Duck 6 dagen geleden
welcome to australia
『Smituna』 6 dagen geleden
in north carolina theres snow in winter, hot sunny days in summer, orange leafs and dry trees in autumn, and a lot of green plants and flowers everywhere in spring. it has everything but only my parents lived there, they came to mexico and i was born so i have never experienced any of those other than summer .n. i wish i could-
jonathan Ibarra
jonathan Ibarra 6 dagen geleden
Texas should be hot in February nope it snows
Valor Watch
Valor Watch 6 dagen geleden
ha atleast you have the real hollywood us in florida have lights and palm trees as our christmas trees
DDMasterGamer3 6 dagen geleden
I Live In Southern California YAY. I like Christmas in California. It Is Cool. Yay
Pablo M.M.
Pablo M.M. 7 dagen geleden
At least you had a white christmas ,_,
logo man 64
logo man 64 7 dagen geleden
Why don't you move back to me they got bunch of snow
dolls are creepy
dolls are creepy 7 dagen geleden
At that one point you just made me jealous,I've always lived in the south and have never even SEEN snow irl
Anonymous Yt
Anonymous Yt 7 dagen geleden
Philippines can't really relate though
mason 7 dagen geleden
Ur very poetic
mason 7 dagen geleden
3:26 I can’t believe it’s not butter
Soda Fizz Art
Soda Fizz Art 7 dagen geleden
Me living in Australia: atleast you got to have a snowy Christmas, or snow at all
Cussundria Kneal
Cussundria Kneal 7 dagen geleden
You're making me miss my childhood.... I've lived in Utah my entire life, but now that I'm an adult and global warming is abundantly apparent, Christmas isn't the same anymore because... its now so rate to get snow down in the valley. Sure, we still get snow in the mountains, but it used to snow SO MUCH that in one evening, we'd get over four feet of snow, and then build a sled run right on our front lawn. Try to recreate Calvin and Hobbs snowmen. Now we're lucky if we get six inches. I just want it to snow for days on end.... like when I was six....
brutal banana
brutal banana 8 dagen geleden
As I'm watching this video theres snow outside comment below this if you live in texas or arkansas because theres alot of snow there
Bici Animations
Bici Animations 8 dagen geleden
7:30 hehehee.... hhh :,U
Alexander Gonzalez
Alexander Gonzalez 8 dagen geleden
I’m glad the huge cold front hit Texas this week we got to experience a good snow after a while
RETRO WAVE Studios 8 dagen geleden
I'm from the UK and sometimes it snows but bit like it does in other countries, I want to live in California or australia but and doesn't snow at all so idk
Alexandra Johnson-Devine
Alexandra Johnson-Devine 9 dagen geleden
I'm in the UK so I cant relate lol
Daniel's Game Vault
Daniel's Game Vault 9 dagen geleden
I used to be same: wishing for winter and everything related to it......until I started work - that's when I'd screw it all to hell and back :))
• Luna Jelly •
• Luna Jelly • 9 dagen geleden
As a filipino, I can relate
Kaio 9 dagen geleden
4:50 "Lemme set the scene for you" what sounds like Clannad ost and snow My brain: Clannad My Eyes: USHIO!!!!
Lenard Acejo
Lenard Acejo 9 dagen geleden
Hal 9000
Hal 9000 9 dagen geleden
as a Californian, i am upset about this...but as a Californian, I understand that this is true
Thomas Mogilevich
Thomas Mogilevich 9 dagen geleden
Chile can relate
Ocean Man
Ocean Man 9 dagen geleden
5:42 Meanwhile in Egypt: A guy named DIO: ZA WARDO
Mitchell Halvorson
Mitchell Halvorson 10 dagen geleden
as someone who live in cali for the first 18 years of my life. I can say with a deep confidence that your not nostalgic. I love the snow. People who live in the snow love to complain about it are just wienies. shoveling snow and scrapping ice really isnt that bad, but Cali has given me a strong distain for summer.
Sue Lee
Sue Lee 7 dagen geleden
I live in Minnesota and it's cool to compare different temperature's and how they affect living
Lenni Mankki
Lenni Mankki 8 dagen geleden
Hehe you're*
Samy Trejo
Samy Trejo 10 dagen geleden
Personas que en su vida han sentido la nieve: JA XD ME SIRVE Pd: Me incluyo :'v
how do i make a good username
bro it doesnt even rain here in cali which makes it worse
Over 9000 Hours left
Over 9000 Hours left 10 dagen geleden
one word florida
sam curtin
sam curtin 10 dagen geleden
7:29 little did she now about the plauge
Tuber Clips
Tuber Clips 11 dagen geleden
All this talk of winter and no Kanon reference?
Franchesca Fletcher
Franchesca Fletcher 11 dagen geleden
I lve the comparidon to narnia also luv the video
TheDounutIsHere 12 dagen geleden
It’s snowing outside my house right now, but for some reason it never snows in December by me.
Rebecca_123 12 dagen geleden
Wacthing this makes me more desperate for snow in my country.
Chickalo 12 dagen geleden
Here in Massachusetts, it never snows on Christmas, but in October, November, January and February especially, we get BOMBAREDED with snow, and I always dreamed of waking up to that snowy Christmas morning like in the movies (it never happened.)
Xylia Riggs
Xylia Riggs 12 dagen geleden
Same T.T
lucie 12 dagen geleden
try a 35 degrees (95 degrees fahrenheit) on christmas lol
Fluffy Clouds
Fluffy Clouds 12 dagen geleden
i live in and was born in california, i've literally never had snow ever, this video was torture.
Exquisite Toast
Exquisite Toast 12 dagen geleden
You think you had a lot of snow? HA, I live in Cleveland!
Patient Zeero
Patient Zeero 12 dagen geleden
my grandma is that crafty person who makes everything look like a pintrest dream
A Damn Slice Of Cake
A Damn Slice Of Cake 13 dagen geleden
Emily: "Have a great start to 2020." Qasem Soleimani gets killed almost sparking a war across The Middle East and/or World War 3. Be honest, you forgot this evening happened didn't you? 😏
Nikosaurus 42
Nikosaurus 42 13 dagen geleden
"Laughs in Norwegian "
MULTI-FANDOM K-POPER 13 dagen geleden
huh...i'm from Bangladesh and it never snows here! i mean...imagine having 27 decree Celsius.. duh...cant relate -_-
Pendejo De México
Pendejo De México 13 dagen geleden
I can confirm that California gets fires very often
xChoccy Bearx
xChoccy Bearx 13 dagen geleden
me living in the middle east: for us our season's hot, burning, hot,windy
Galagai_Wolf OwO
Galagai_Wolf OwO 13 dagen geleden
I can relate cause I live in California and we never get snow. T^T
M Cruz
M Cruz 13 dagen geleden
Moments before disaster:
-Bunni- 13 dagen geleden
I um- I l live in Columbia and it punishes us- uhh well it gets really cold.... BUT NO SNOW!!!!
-Bunni- 13 dagen geleden
Beca•Uni 14 dagen geleden
1:34 Excuse me that's my favorite movie and that's one of the reasons -v- Yup, it doesn't snow at all in my country :< Yes I live in Brazil and yes I am that weirdo that likes english more than her own language
How To Anime Style
How To Anime Style 14 dagen geleden
When I was little the fake snow / foamed soap thing would happen too
Peach yyy
Peach yyy 14 dagen geleden
Me rapping presents: OH NO I CUT THE PAPER TOO SHORT- I guess I’ll just add a thin piece of wrapping paper. My presents when their finished: looking like a baby wrapped them- Me: *watches Emirichu wrap hers* Also me: I- how-
Gabb Awesome
Gabb Awesome 15 dagen geleden
oh if she only knew
Melon 15 dagen geleden
The whole of Australia: 👁👄👁
MariamDaPotato 17 dagen geleden
My country doesn't snow 😢😭
SpringBonnie939 17 dagen geleden
happy 2021! little late
Affan Hossain
Affan Hossain 17 dagen geleden
come to canada on like december, january or february and u will regret saying everything u said in this vid
Lenni Mankki
Lenni Mankki 8 dagen geleden
No. You're incorrect. Don't think you're cool. If snow comes to you it sucks, but if you come to the snow it's fun.
Tim Friese
Tim Friese 18 dagen geleden
Now that i saw your Video, im sad that my childhood isnt that wonderful
ROSY Rings
ROSY Rings 19 dagen geleden
Emily:Have a wonderful start to 2020 2020:I am about to end this mans whole career
GhostMirror167 19 dagen geleden
Welcome to how we feel in Arizona
Anusha Saha
Anusha Saha 19 dagen geleden
my cousin in Bangladesh didn't even know what snow was and my Canadian self was just in shock for a while-
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