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15 feb. 2020




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Lord Shrek
Lord Shrek 4 uur geleden
When boys cried: Titanic ending Where men cried: MY PICKLESsssss...
KoroSensihify 13 uur geleden
i have sweaty palms so a pickle jar is my worst enemy
odd cash
odd cash 15 uur geleden
Girl your not the only one
Lilli Animated
Lilli Animated 16 uur geleden
if u ever feel dumb just know that 1k people disliked this vid
BXflameburst 20 uur geleden
the poor pickles........ I'm gonna go eat a pickle
Julio Mari
Julio Mari Dag geleden
The way that u draw your older brother he looks like one punch man
naincy Singh
naincy Singh Dag geleden
I am also very clumsy like you . I can totally relate to you.
Boi Crazy
Boi Crazy Dag geleden
That one spot on your leg that always has bruises
Don’t worry I’m a total clutts I’m always clumsy lol but I’ve never broken a bone I feels like clumsy people never break bones cause they make up in it with clumsiness
banana Dag geleden
Honestly this makes so dense I can swallow a bottle of alcohol and I'll feel like Godzilla Better hit the deck like the card dealer My whole squad's in here, walkin' around the party A cross between a zombie apocalypse and big Bobby The Brain Heenan which is probably the Same reason I wrestle with mania Shady's in this bitch, I'm posse'd up Consider it to cross me a costly mistake If they sleepin' on me, the Hoes better get insomnia, ADHD, hydroxycut Pass the Courvoisi' (Hey, hey) In AA, with an AK, melee, finna set it like a playdate Better vacate, retreat like a vacay, mayday This beat is cray-cray, Ray J, h-a, h-a, h-a Laughin' all the way to the bank, I spray flames They cannot tame or placate the (Ayy) Monster You get in my way? 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I'ma feed you to the monster (Yeah) I'm normal during the day, but at night turn to a monster (Yeah) When the moon shines like Ice Road Truckers I look like a villain outta those blockbusters Godzilla, fire spitter, monster Blood on the dance floor, and on the Louis V carpet Fire, Godzilla, fire, monster Blood on the dance floor, and on the Louis V carpet If you never gave a damn, raise your hand 'Cause I'm about to set trip, vacation plans I'm on point, like my index is, so all you will ever get is The motherfuckin' finger (Finger), prostate exam ('xam) How can I have all these fans and perspire? 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Go and take a walk or write a song up on your notepad For what you have you should be grateful, why aren't you more glad? "Yo, keep on killing shit", "I'll see you later", "Oh, for sure, man" It's been a fat ass minute, ain't been feeling right A hypochondriac dissatisfied, my room got no light at times Fuck all of the people judging, you got no right And neither do I The sight of new eyes, a side of you cries Man, it's been a minute I been feeling bad but I been fighting I'm enlightened to the fact that I have limited time I get to spitting these rhymes And lay a shit in your mind They want my lips intertwined So they can leave me behind But I will not submit, I will survive Go make a difference while you are still alive To be the bigger man requires that you standing high The bigger man, the more time he fall before he die There will always be a clown here to fake a smile, for you Running through the town laughing, I despise you too Oh, did I surprise you? Cool "Get up", "Do I gotta?", "Why don't you arise, you fool?" Look at me I put a face on, wow Look at me I put a show on, when I go (Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha) Laugh at the clown and his makeup How does he feel when we wake up? I don't know and I don't care I'm unaware of how he faring Glaring, staring at him so intently At the fair inside the tent he Dance for the people Dance like you mean it Motherfucker, everybody be too pussy to move But grip they dick in they room How the fuck did we ever put a stick in our moon? It's funny I'm a cartoon But keep it realer than a bitch Or her nigga that wanna feature Lemme teach ya how I deal with these reachers that tryna leech us Keep the fuck to myself And my spiders we throw a circus For the good of my health I make entertaining the purpose of it Sing along, have a ball When the clown slip and fall When the jester get mad Put a gun in his hand Rest in peace to Robin Williams Here to act for God and villains Brightest person, darkest feelings Interfere with Satan's dealings, yo, yo
banana Dag geleden
@Chris Caylor I dont even know where I went with this comment
Chris Caylor
Chris Caylor Dag geleden
Banana 🍌
That One Guy
That One Guy Dag geleden
Ice skating arena: Use the wall to stop yourself Roller skating arena: Idk figure it out, dick.
Taylor Wright
Taylor Wright Dag geleden
This is my first video of yours, and I JUST got an add for Webtoon that you voice acted! (I think???? Real similar credit if not) NLblock really does keep tabs on these things, don't they... (P.S. babies are much stronger than people think, so it probably wasn't due to that, or at least not that much, but a lack of spacial awareness and periferal vision can be due to head injury, so....)
Micheal Afton
Micheal Afton Dag geleden
I have also never broken a bone! But last month my best friend betrayed me She said β€œwe will both never break bones we are the never breaking bone club!” When we where young Then she broke her big toe by falling over her little sister
GhostBear3067 13 uur geleden
I have never broken a bone either though according to several people I know not for "lack of effort".
Ηλίας Αουγκάλας
One time i was walking with a plate . You can guess what happened next I slipped on the couch corner and the pieces of the plate got on my face. Thank God he was driving only scratches bur too many of them .
i need to study
i need to study Dag geleden
a pro tip : use your knife to open a jar
DayDeer Dag geleden
when i saw baby emrichu, all i could hear was a microwave.
pol grou13
pol grou13 Dag geleden
0:28 awwwww what a beautiful baby emirichu
soevylayer 2 dagen geleden
6:11 ah yes the classic " Narancia, Mista and Abbachio beat up a random guy" meme. A classic Jojo meme.
richmail 2 dagen geleden
her older bro look liek one punch man
The ginge Of England
The ginge Of England 2 dagen geleden
Your pickles will be missed Rip
Anime_ _Otakuness
Anime_ _Otakuness 2 dagen geleden
Omg this is literally me but without the heels
Sam g
Sam g 2 dagen geleden
Hardwood stairs? Ohhhhh I feel you. Strangely enough I never have broken a bone.
Persius King
Persius King 2 dagen geleden
Clumsy is funny when they get mad at u for laughing is kinda cute
Aceblade 2 dagen geleden
Dude, getting your friend to open a pickle jar is justifiable
All-Pain-No-Gain 2 dagen geleden
You have a large hit box that’s just bigger than your model
Violent Heart
Violent Heart 2 dagen geleden
You really are that one clumsy air-headed female anime protagonist. Aren't you?
Pineapple_くま!! 2 dagen geleden
The pickle story wouldn't have happened if you would've been a sane human and disliked pickles.
Da Fan of Fandoms
Da Fan of Fandoms 2 dagen geleden
"Indoor ice skating" *flashback to Yuri on Ice video*
Exposing youtubers yt
Exposing youtubers yt 2 dagen geleden
lol i hate pickles
Sreeto 3 dagen geleden
My pickles! reminds me of My cabbages!
μ§œλ‹€Eggie 3 dagen geleden
0:25 You're baby cheecks are so chunky.. More chuncky then mine when I was a baby, honestly I got called by my siblings that I look like a butt Cause my cheecks look like As--that jiggle and whats more's that when I sneeze it sounda like a fart then my second older brother said to me "Dang you really are an a*s, Even you're face Show's it" and I swear I cried that Day and kept asking Myself, Friends and My pets If I was an A*s.
Rajeswari J
Rajeswari J 3 dagen geleden
I am like that to I always fall over
sophiadaniella 3 dagen geleden
I littlerally am the same thing. Btw, Wolftchu’s voice is so high pitch.
Past Shouto
Past Shouto 3 dagen geleden
I'm good at rollerskating. I've done the impossible
Taylor Yellowknee
Taylor Yellowknee 3 dagen geleden
A did that to thing too and I knocked the whole thing over I was at my dad's house I needed to poop
Rachel Phanh
Rachel Phanh 3 dagen geleden
I wanna tell one clumsy story too. So one time at my cousin's house I was playing with the other kids and I got so thirsty that I ran to the glass door and I thought it was open so I ran as fast as possible and.... I hit the glass door and it really hurt.. and that's my clumsy story (ㆁωㆁ)
EPIC DUCK! 3 dagen geleden
6:45 omg same lol but painfull
Stormy 3 dagen geleden
Me and my sister are really clumsy but I would say my friend is the most clumsy πŸ˜…
Malik Amador
Malik Amador 3 dagen geleden
I hurt myself standing up and siting down
Dracos Vatrouna
Dracos Vatrouna 3 dagen geleden
4:05 top 10 anime deaths
isabella b
isabella b 3 dagen geleden
Her fieldtrips: roller rinks, ice rinks, parks My fieldtrips: *Noah Webster intensifies*
Kayla Throckmorton
Kayla Throckmorton 4 dagen geleden
Kayla Throckmorton
Kayla Throckmorton 4 dagen geleden
Don't worry I'm clumsy too Emirichu I have dropped a lot in my life but still I'm clumsy
i fell down the stairs and when to the hospital i was 5 year old but know im not 5 year old
Thomas 4 dagen geleden
Me when I see the end announcement: SMASH?!
Kylo Ben
Kylo Ben 4 dagen geleden
imagine that instead of a tour letter, its a smash invitation
Ashlyn Gihanna
Ashlyn Gihanna 4 dagen geleden
you probably don't know her but you remind me of aphmau
Sophia Random stuff Chanel *-*
Wolfychu be like β€œI’ve fallen and I CAN’T GET UP”
A Random Hazelnut
A Random Hazelnut 4 dagen geleden
Nightflight The Nightwing Animus
**smacks face into wall** Me: f**k you. **smacks face into another wall** Me: wtf? Where did these walls come from? **trips on floor** Me: **screeching** Edit: I really like to screech like a f**king dinosaur. Edit2: **screeching intensifies**
James さん
James さん 4 dagen geleden
me when I found out my brother finished the twinkies 0:28
Emilie Plays Roblox
Emilie Plays Roblox 4 dagen geleden
I have a scar from roller blading '-'
Emma β€’ Hay
Emma β€’ Hay 5 dagen geleden
When I go onto your channel and click "Videos" it says "This channel has no videos." Whats happening?..
Dixie Normous
Dixie Normous 5 dagen geleden
Emirichu: I never broke a bone. Me as a 10 year old: Yea I broke a bone playing tennis.
Moonlight And the club
Moonlight And the club 5 dagen geleden
I broke my arm because of my clumsyness
Jana Shakespeare
Jana Shakespeare 5 dagen geleden
food food food death pickle pickle pickle death roller roller roller death
- Ε tΓ€r The Star Gazer -
Story time with Pigeon. One time my family went to the local park, I took my scooter because..duh. And the park had a concrete path which took you all the way around the park. I did so many laps around the park, I think at least thirty or something. And there was a group of high-school kids because there was a high-school right next to the park, they walked passed and saw me do a lap. I felt so darn proud of myself, I was going so fast too. But, the day after, My left leg was in SO much pain. Yes, it was a strain, and I was like β€œI hate my life.” So I literally walked like a Frankenstein for the rest of the week. Wow Im stupid.
Christina Mosley
Christina Mosley 5 dagen geleden
Emcel Lacanlale
Emcel Lacanlale 5 dagen geleden
Thats me
\\ N!N! GACHA \\
\\ N!N! GACHA \\ 5 dagen geleden
Your not the only one, I trip over my own feet
Krispy_ Pineapples
Krispy_ Pineapples 5 dagen geleden
Bro you should try sliding down banisters now- I mean- We're in quarantine- If you sprain your ankle again you won't even need to leave your house :D And once you master banister sliding, it's really funnn :D
Bruno Silva
Bruno Silva 5 dagen geleden
Mm thats wird i have broken my leg(recently) and in not clumsy And Im a bad speller
Wolf Stevens
Wolf Stevens 5 dagen geleden
How can heels be so bad? I mean im a guy but cant you just focus your weight on the tips of your feet?
Paul Sweeney
Paul Sweeney 5 dagen geleden
Emily falls Her friend are you okay Emily my pickles!!!
Bored potato
Bored potato 5 dagen geleden
i fEeL you ;-;
Arthur Vermillion
Arthur Vermillion 6 dagen geleden
Emily: I'm going on tour! Covid-19: *N O*
Grim Creeper
Grim Creeper 6 dagen geleden
Nothing can cure my clumsiness XD
Youngho Baek
Youngho Baek 6 dagen geleden
"But my Pickles😭"
Aiham Al Shehabi
Aiham Al Shehabi 6 dagen geleden
Emirichu:But my pickles Emirichu's random frend:I DONT CARE ABOUT UR PICKLES IM ASKING U IF UR OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aiham Al Shehabi
Aiham Al Shehabi 6 dagen geleden
Remember me?im ur student u called "Katie"
Aiham Al Shehabi
Aiham Al Shehabi 6 dagen geleden
Hey Emirichu arent u Miss Emily
Zara Crossing
Zara Crossing 6 dagen geleden
Jotaro LL
Jotaro LL 6 dagen geleden
Jotaro LL
Jotaro LL 6 dagen geleden
I have found someone like me
Jayden Destroyer0
Jayden Destroyer0 6 dagen geleden
Me and wolfychu are the same... I wore rollerskates... Immediately fell down and couldn't get back up... I'm pretty sure that it's finally caught up to me because I constantly have a headache that feels like a concussion where I always hit my head when I slipped or a migraine... More of the time it's a concussion pain and it's hitting me again see you after the quick blindness thing where everything goes so bright I can't see until it clears and I realize I've been unstable and walking dizzily and yeah... Me and this person also are the same because I... Honestly I feel everything's out to get me because things appear where they weren't before and I hit my leg or head... Also me and Alice aren't in the Haven't broken a single bone club... I'm in the... My mother thought I was being a drama queen and I just sprained my foot when really my crying and inability to walk was because I broke my pinky toe but only after ten days did mum finally take me to get an xray and she realizes that she didn't notice my foot turn immediately black and that my foot was actually broken but she didn't care anyways because she kept telling me to suck it up and walk when the doctor said that I shouldn't walk and I was in so much pain for two months and now my mom is the one in pain but I actually care about her and my new dog pulled her off her gopher and I kept saying either I leave you here to bleed out or I call an ambulance oh you don't want me to call an ambulance otherwise I'll lose all my technology... Fine you stay there and bleed out while I grab my technology because if you want to take it for me almost having a heart attack and panic like I will run all the way to this place from my spot to the spot I'm standing in and run around the world... Here get up and DON'T EVER DARE TELL ME THAT YOU'LL TAKE MY TECHNOLOGY FOR WORRYING ABOUT YOU I ALMOST HAD A HEART ATTACK club... It's a work in progress.
SeriousHoodie 6 dagen geleden
*emirichu* "it's my job to keep u all safe" ends up failing to keep herself safe
is emily still a whole head chunk ? yep
Ace plays
Ace plays 6 dagen geleden
tips on how to roller-skate. tip 1: If you are in a roller-skating place with no walls and they only have the elevated things then when you skate around you have to look for a spot to jump with an open space. (I have done this before and you need to slow down a bit, you can't be at full speed and you have to somewhat jump. If the floor there is like a carpet depending on the skates you can still roll when you get to the carpet so be careful.) tip 2: If you can't do what I said in the first tip then just keep skating even if your feet hurt, but just try not to make yourself go faster, so when there is an clear opening then you can be at a speed where it's easy to get off the skating floor.
Sophia C C
Sophia C C 6 dagen geleden
One of my friends her name is Sophia and I haven’t seen her for a while she opened a door from when we were getting out of school and she open the wrong door it was the wrong car she got in and then another woman
Sirc Zenitram
Sirc Zenitram 6 dagen geleden
Your not the only one clumsy
JasterGhent 6 dagen geleden
Btw. Clumsyness is genetic, there is no training to actually stop being clumsy, in the end the person who is clumsy is not even at fault.
rachel dominiczak
rachel dominiczak 6 dagen geleden
welp atleast she doesnt BREAK her bones TWICE A FLIPPIN WEAK LIKE ME
ENZO BISONO 6 dagen geleden
When I fall and drop my food but I did not cry cause of my body, I CRIED CAUSE OF MY FOOD ;w;
Mirre Kul
Mirre Kul 6 dagen geleden
I'm half blind, clumbsy and forgetful. You dont wanna be my friend.
MiniMoon 6 dagen geleden
I wish i was there you did thw one in burcaly my gg lives there
Tran Raymond
Tran Raymond 7 dagen geleden
Movie Hermit
Movie Hermit 7 dagen geleden
When I was a little baby boy, I stood on top of a toy that’s kinda like a mini truck to carry blocks. I then launched off and bashed my face into the corner of a cabinet. I’ve still got the scar on my upper lip. I actually had a couple head injuries in those early years, but I always took it in stride with no lasting damage other than some scars (hidden by my hair). One time I bashed my head into a radiator, and shortly after, I was just hopping down the hallway as if nothing happened.
Whothefuckareyou ?72
Whothefuckareyou ?72 7 dagen geleden
5:53 DIO to Giorno
β€’Doggo Rat Womanβ€’
I sprained my ankle when i dropped my book and then tripped on it-
Nezuko Komando
Nezuko Komando 7 dagen geleden
Same pinch
Rochelle D
Rochelle D 7 dagen geleden
I feel this pain way too hard. I'm so clumsy yet lucky that I've almost cut off my whole finger from a can but SOMEHOW missed important nerves and tendons by 1mm. (Legit what the doc said)
The Funny Weeb Man
The Funny Weeb Man 7 dagen geleden
Diamond Spryzen
Diamond Spryzen 7 dagen geleden
When I was little I was roller skating and broke my arm.
Der Skalde
Der Skalde 7 dagen geleden
I don't know why, but this reminds me of my younger brother. Over a decade ago, we were visiting friends and went to the playing grounds. My brother fell from one of those climbing things and landed on his feet. Then he walked straight to our mother and told her, with a absolutelly straight face: "I broke my foot". He did not cry, showed no sign of pain, did walk just normal, and just delivered this line in a matter-of-fact tone. My mother didn't believe him, because he showed no sign of anything being wrong, and then walked back to our friends house and drove home. The next day, he still insisted that his foot is broken. So our mother took him to the doctor to make an x-ray, and lo and behold, his foot was broken. He got a cast, and was it not for the cast, you wouldn't have believed that his foot was broken. Even with the cast, he ran just as quick as normal. My brother is Hardcore.
Lucky Bug
Lucky Bug 7 dagen geleden
Yes. This is me. I keep clipping my elbow or hip on my doorframe. My friend is starting to think I’m weird XD
jade Hernandez
jade Hernandez 7 dagen geleden
"Joining no broken bones " "Also joining spraying legs"
Brian Mo
Brian Mo 7 dagen geleden
i sprained my ankle once and i just thought it was a bruise or a cramp so I hopped on one foot and leaned on a wall for 2 weeks I learned what it was 3 year later
Tristan Kissinger
Tristan Kissinger 8 dagen geleden
Fire Pheonix1
Fire Pheonix1 8 dagen geleden
Wow accidentally getting into some stranger's car while the stranger is still inside now that's clumsy
LillisLune 8 dagen geleden
Like 5 seconds of you describing what a clumsy person is, it's just finding me on how I am too
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