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29 sep. 2018




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Emirichu 2 jaar geleden
Link for the Webtoon app: In an attempt to keep the video spoiler-free, I ended up not actually reviewing anything haha...... I apologize to any of my viewers who aren't at all interested in this sort of topic. I was really excited about this because I know many of you have been suggesting Webtoon to me for MONTHS and I actually plan on checking out the webtoon workshop center in Seoul next month so I thought the timing was perfect! With that said, I have a BUNCH of videos on my to-do-list that I'm really excited to work on and show you (My only wish is that I could draw I have lots of ideas that I'm eager to bring to life, and I appreciate all of your patience and encouragement! ♥♥♥
davy jones
davy jones Maand geleden
Please, cursed princess club. i never asked anything, that's true at least, but seriously, read it that you will like/love it, specialy the protagonist, gwen.
LittleWolf 2 maanden geleden
Don't know if this will ever be read...prob not...but if u into action the the boxer is an amazing ongoing one currently...
frog 2 maanden geleden
The lore olympus is not exactly accurate to mythology and I know that it's not supposed to be haha
kate the vampire
kate the vampire 2 maanden geleden
read boyfriend of the dead. just do it
[Brii Studios UwU]
[Brii Studios UwU] 3 maanden geleden
Hewo OwO
Rajeshwari Anahi Wahedd
Even tho this is super late try out "Your Throne"!
Musical Fan
Musical Fan 11 uur geleden
I will always and forever stand by my statement. *APOLLO* 👏🏼 *SUCKS.* 👏🏼
Joshua Nichols
Joshua Nichols 11 uur geleden
Is anyone here after Emi voiced a dub for an ad of the Makeup Remover Webtoon??? 😁😅
Andrea Guerra Mario
Andrea Guerra Mario 23 uur geleden
5:58 IS that Marinette???
Pratik Jallan
Pratik Jallan Dag geleden
Something about us ❤️
Agentbutterfly Dag geleden
I’ve read down to earth and it’s really good
Yaa Sika
Yaa Sika Dag geleden
Read Lost in translation 🥰😍😍
DayDeer Dag geleden
have you ever wondered if blush is just lines drawn on a face with a knife and they are just in agony.
Kodd - The Cod Master
Kodd - The Cod Master 2 dagen geleden
1:34 Why does the book covers look so good, my set was just a kid on a horse from different angles lol
Ηλίας Ρουγκάλας
As a Greek i have to check that out .
banditthatilove145 yass
banditthatilove145 yass 2 dagen geleden
Totally off topic but kyo and tohru are the best ship
Blue Phoenix Squad
Blue Phoenix Squad 2 dagen geleden
I like how you pronounce Persephone as persephonee
Michigo Sinister
Michigo Sinister 2 dagen geleden
Well the Webtoon that I read all the time is called Clinic of Horrors. Wait! It's not what you think. It's not a Horror one.....Ok some of the things they come across can be kind of freaky but that's really it. It's got a really interesting story and a lot of twists as well.
Rosey Bunny
Rosey Bunny 3 dagen geleden
Lore Olympus is my *webtoon* though.
Sans Skeleton
Sans Skeleton 3 dagen geleden
Sadly it's not so free anymore
Jelchee talks
Jelchee talks 3 dagen geleden
lol i also read that webtoon
Instagram Star
Instagram Star 4 dagen geleden
Dishonest honesty is so beautiful and good
Oliver Jones
Oliver Jones 4 dagen geleden
This girl was right young Adults but it was too late for me.... Ahhh yeet
ysn 2 jerrick
ysn 2 jerrick 4 dagen geleden
Ok .... can we admit un0rdinary and down to earth are the 2 best series
Fox Lover
Fox Lover 4 dagen geleden
My favorites are The Croaking, Subzero, Castle Swimmer, Empryea, Ghost Teller and The Masked Fables
Paige Vankoevering
Paige Vankoevering 5 dagen geleden
Dude that deep voice though..
Hamster 22
Hamster 22 5 dagen geleden
Yes I found it
Ali 6 dagen geleden
Connor did an amazing job
ReilPariz Orcullo
ReilPariz Orcullo 6 dagen geleden
Jack Montes
Jack Montes 6 dagen geleden
Check out down to earth
W1RED fxt
W1RED fxt 6 dagen geleden
Boya Chen
Boya Chen 6 dagen geleden
try to read you in my 19th life, the remarried empress, swimming lessons with a mermaid, age matters, nice to meet you, first night with the duke, makeup remover, no longer a heroine, men in harem, back to you, the newlywed diary of a witch and a dragon, and of course you ready know true beauty
Ernest Bolf
Ernest Bolf 6 dagen geleden
The Lilbird
The Lilbird 6 dagen geleden
I recommend a webtoon teh webtoon is : The Cursed Princess Club Hope you like it
Elissa Lopez
Elissa Lopez 6 dagen geleden
GOURMET HOUND GOURMET HOUND GOURMET HOUND I highly recommend this story it has so many details and is such a good story!!!!!! It is completed
Sheggif 7 dagen geleden
Hold on cucumber quest I was watching that wait I wanna re watch or read it
Yna Kristiana Joven
Yna Kristiana Joven 7 dagen geleden
ruba fadel
ruba fadel 7 dagen geleden
Freaking romance is a good webtoon comic try it :)
Amber Whim
Amber Whim 7 dagen geleden
Magr and Demon Queen, absolutely love it!
Cellar Shot
Cellar Shot 7 dagen geleden
Emirichuuu!! There is also Manga Toonn
_Angeliq 7 dagen geleden
"Or if i've read a particular webtoon" Me: Have you read castle swimmer?
CLAIRE KRAYNICK 7 dagen geleden
I love castle swimmer
Seer 8 dagen geleden
I really recommend purple hyacinth!!!
Amelia Coons
Amelia Coons 8 dagen geleden
ChrisClub 8 dagen geleden
Me getting a web toon add----
Dr. WHO 8 dagen geleden
I got to know about webtoon in college sadly. I am now unemployed. P.S. Persephone and Hades kissed again >///< My fav webtoons - Cheese in the trap (fucking amaze) Killing Stalking Miss Abbot and the doctor Odd girl out Not so shoujo love story Da Yamonville gang Sweet home Bastard Idiots don't catch colds (Ahhhh I could die for this one) Humour me Down to Earth To love your enemy My giant nerd boyfriend The four of them Your smile is a trap Edith The kiss bet Jackson's diary I love yoo Let's play Lord have mercy Reflection of the soul Brass and sass Heartstopper Outside the box Blades of Furry Yumi's cells Melvina's therapy Devil no 4 The stories of those around me Salty studio False knees
CLAIRE KRAYNICK 7 dagen geleden
You should read Castle Swimmer
Andrew Cho
Andrew Cho 8 dagen geleden
K we know she reads webtoons but what about if she *MAKES* any?
TYRANNNY KUN 8 dagen geleden
I want to make a webtoon but I'm scared that I'll have no readers 🙁🙁
TYRANNNY KUN 7 dagen geleden
@CLAIRE KRAYNICK thanks means a lot!
CLAIRE KRAYNICK 7 dagen geleden
When you make it, tell me what it’s called! I’ll read!
Hol up
Hol up 8 dagen geleden
Ok heres a recommendation for anyone starting webtoon The remarried empress A hella drama filled romance what basically happens a empress called navier married a prince called soveishu who's the emperor/king of the eastern empire one day a bitch called rashta (- or trashta) becomes sovishu's mistress and he falls head over heels for her now I'm not gonna spoil it But theres hella cute and play boy type ish prince that is completely inlove with the empress navier and I cant wait till the divorce ep finally comes But yea I would def recommend it to anyone who wants to
Hanne Housen
Hanne Housen 8 dagen geleden
For ppl who like -diversity (in sexuality AND culture) -action -romance -fantasy -video games ( ; I'd recommend the webtoon "room of swords" its my favourite webcomic ever. Its currently on hiatus for season 3 but there are plenty of eps 2 read. It might seem boring in the beginning but when the bigger plot comes up you start 2 realize there's more to be discovered. I really like it.
itssamcry 9 dagen geleden
OOO you should try reading muted by miranda mundt! i find it kinda cool!!
CLAIRE KRAYNICK 7 dagen geleden
Gasp yes I love it
carlos martinez
carlos martinez 9 dagen geleden
Watch the four of them it’s the BEST story I’ve ever seen
Tristan Galvez
Tristan Galvez 9 dagen geleden
1:33 Me: Sees Percy Jackson Also me: "My life is complete now"
Dont Judge Me
Dont Judge Me 10 dagen geleden
Apollo can go Fuqk him self
TacitusKat 10 dagen geleden
Room of Swords
squidette OvO
squidette OvO 11 dagen geleden
man i thought apollo was prety aight tho
ایمن 14 dagen geleden
Guyssss can someone please recommend me some good webtoons with zero 2 little nudity(like fan service)because that scares me😀everything else is fine!! My favvv genres are romance and uhhh..... horror???and oooo slice of life like high school drama and friendships an all that but basically I LOVE shojo so anything of that sort :))) if your still reading this das crazy lol recommend and me somthingggg&@$$(
TacitusKat 10 dagen geleden
No problem!
ایمن 10 dagen geleden
@TacitusKat thank you so much!!I I’ll check them outtt
TacitusKat 10 dagen geleden
My all time favorite Webtoon is 'Room of Swords'. I really recommend that one. It's really well made and even has music in some of it's episodes. The story is great and I just all around love it. Also a good romance/drama is 'City Vamps'. It's basically about vampires living in the modern world and stuff. It's really good. 'Small World' is a pretty nice slice of life Webtoon about two gay lovers. One cute one is 'Pixie and Brutus'. It's about a former military dog and a naive little kitten. This comment is getting a bit long so I'll stop now. If you need anymore, just let me know and I can provide you with more.
Anna Na
Anna Na 15 dagen geleden
Webtoons that i like: Winter woods Lore Olympus Cursed Princess club The first night with the Duke The Remarried Empress Mystical Your smile is a trap My giant nerd boyfriend Bluechair Live with yourself Bakaphin The Witch and the Bull Swimming lessons for a mermaid True beauty Siren's Lament A Messy Fairy tale I love Yoo The Wrath & the Dawn Makeup Remover Realta
Anna Na
Anna Na 7 dagen geleden
@CLAIRE KRAYNICK oh, really? Then I should definitely read them. Thanks for recommendation😄
CLAIRE KRAYNICK 7 dagen geleden
Seems like you’d like LUMINE and Castle Swimmer
Psycho_ mancer
Psycho_ mancer 16 dagen geleden
👀 Girl's Of The Wild's ♡︎
MonaJisoo_ot4 16 dagen geleden
''True Beauty'' but I don't think the main charatcher Jugyeong is having a *characther growth issue* at the moment and it can get pretty annoying at times but i'm not sure if that's apart of the plot or not
sohi kim
sohi kim 16 dagen geleden
OMG siren's lament is so cool!
Rainbow Swag
Rainbow Swag 16 dagen geleden
I’m The Grim Reaper fans rise up🙌🏻
Renee Nguyen
Renee Nguyen 17 dagen geleden
Emirichi:also includes some darker adult themes that aren't exactly appropriate for younger reader do I'd saythis one is more suitable for young adults Me: It to late.
Let's Geek OUT
Let's Geek OUT 18 dagen geleden
Their voices match the characters so well!!!
Wolfy playz83
Wolfy playz83 18 dagen geleden
I know she won't see this but mage and demon queen TwT
Eric Lee
Eric Lee 18 dagen geleden
*suffers from too many haikus from Apollo* (Percy Jackson reference :D)
Landon Finch
Landon Finch 19 dagen geleden
Emirichu, just wanted to say, I'm a new follower and i love your content btw, but there is this one Webtoon I think you'll really love, It's called Watermelon by Rorita. Give it a shot, I feel like you'll really like it, idk maybe.
•Anna• 14 dagen geleden
Simer Habte
Simer Habte 19 dagen geleden
try odd girl out or the four of them (odd girl out season 2 is getting really good )
Carlos Godinez
Carlos Godinez 19 dagen geleden
I know I’m late but I got a add of WEBTOON sand pocket comics of premium WEBTOON before this vid
Seachelle 20 dagen geleden
Hi, can anyone recommend some rlly good webtoons to meeee (besides Freaking Romance, True Beauty, and Lore Olympus hehe I've seen those) and dont be shy put some bl manhwas in too hugfdfghjksdfuighkjs
Fox Lover
Fox Lover 4 dagen geleden
Or if BL is what you’re into you should read The Croaking and Castle Swimmer, which aren’t BL, The Croaking is slow SLOW burn and Castle Swimmer is just too innocent for that but both are still gay and by god are both couples adorable, The Croaking is a thriller set in a world where everyone is part bird and your species determines your placement, the two main characters are an osprey named Ky and a crow named Scra so they are both out of place in the eagle dominated military academy The Roost and they both have their own secret reasons for being there that will be revealed as the plot continues, then for Castle Swimmer it’s set in a mermaid world where the young prince Siren of the shark castle is faced with a dilemma, save his people from a terrible curse and kill the beacon as the prophecy dictates, or kill the boy he loves, Kappa, who’s been forced his whole life to be the beacon and solve other people’s problems
Fox Lover
Fox Lover 4 dagen geleden
Hmmmm....maybe SubZero? It’s enemies to lovers arranged marriage so you like those two tropes you should definitely read this, but it’s mostly about the prince and princess on different sides of feuding dragon clans being forced to get married to bring an alliance, I really like the characters, romance and lore in this and oh my god the art is gorgeous and you should read it for that alone
Random Anime Weeb
Random Anime Weeb 20 dagen geleden
4:18 umm no... we call him Asspollo, that's a much better name for him 😌👌
Random Anime Weeb
Random Anime Weeb 20 dagen geleden
*Webtoon is the only thing keeping me sane throughout coronavirus*
foxie world art
foxie world art 21 dag geleden
My sister reads WEBTOON everyday day and morning. Me I a only read few like 2 or 1. Which are my favorite and what months to get a full episodes. Then I come and read with nothing stopping me.
Crystal Bunny
Crystal Bunny 21 dag geleden
So there's this short funny one called "A Korean in Paris" I highly recommend
Mimono 21 dag geleden
Grace 21 dag geleden
Are we not going to talk about how Hades is Persephone's uncle? No?
Cami Anderico
Cami Anderico 19 dagen geleden
In the webtoon he is not.
TSG & MTL 21 dag geleden
Fun fact: i only got webtoons because of merrywether comic’s internet explorer chan
Natural Life And medicine
You should check out NTMY or NiceToMeetYou
Mia Haines
Mia Haines 21 dag geleden
Castle Swimmer doesn't get enough appreciation
Isabel Castillo
Isabel Castillo 22 dagen geleden
That Boi
That Boi 24 dagen geleden
I like how all the mythology books are in the same series
Kira 24 dagen geleden
Persephone's not the goddess of spring
Hunter ryan Mccurry
Hunter ryan Mccurry 24 dagen geleden
Down to earth is the best story
Crystal Love
Crystal Love 25 dagen geleden
Don't feel bad about recently learning it I only found out about Webtoons because of this video. So thank you I absolutely love it. Lore Olympus, Remarried Empress, and Suitor Armor are my favorites :D
artsy._.potatoe 23 dagen geleden
i read remmaried empress, sadly episodes hasnt come up yet lol
Cydney McNeece
Cydney McNeece 25 dagen geleden
I tried reading Lore Olympus but I couldn't get past the first 5-10 episodes. I do, however, LOVE.... Wrath and the Dawn Subzero Not Even Bones Defects.... honestly this comment would get way to long if I wrote all of them so there's those.
Magine Alice
Magine Alice 25 dagen geleden
4:20 you are just like me, but with me are Kikiyo of Inuyasha. SERIOUS, WHAT SHE HAS IN HER HEAD!!
Anushka Tamasar
Anushka Tamasar 25 dagen geleden
My favorite webtoon is UnOrdinary
sofia abas
sofia abas 26 dagen geleden
Nichole Ibañez
Nichole Ibañez 26 dagen geleden
Is that blood sweat and tears on music box at the end!?!?!?!?!
Ireland Karmen Eliza Pelham
No more
Lillian Spencer
Lillian Spencer 27 dagen geleden
Down to earth is a good webtoon
Belen Ticman
Belen Ticman 27 dagen geleden
MAITE CRUZ 27 dagen geleden
can you tell me the one you read plz Emirichu
Kelly Bean
Kelly Bean 28 dagen geleden
Ayo mr Sebastian 2.0 sounds so good as Hades Also these are some romance webtoons- •let’s play •down to earth •the doctors are out(this art style is hella realistic) •age matters •freaking romance (the first episodes are kinda boring but it’s gets good a little after episode 6) •kiss bet
Softiesnow Gacha
Softiesnow Gacha 28 dagen geleden
strawbeary_boy 29 dagen geleden
When you said "you grow to hate... with a deep pasion that sums me up when a character is doing stuff that i dont like i turn into angry unikitty and want them all hurt very badly (ded if possible) i think i have a problem
Selva Rajagop
Selva Rajagop 29 dagen geleden
Wait Girls of the Wild is a Webtoon tho
Charlotte Pahl
Charlotte Pahl 29 dagen geleden
Ok a way underrated comic on WEBTOON is Room of swords, it's a great story and plot, has great diversity and a good romantic sublot! Please check it out!
BakedSpaghettiMonster_ 29 dagen geleden
My personal favs/recommendations are: Room of Swords (Sci-fi- and is literally the best thing ever written in my opinion although it starts slow. But like, the art, the plot, the animations, the music, the plot, the characters, the plot, the ships, and one of the best plots ever are very immaculate) Nothing Special (Fantasy/Romance- 1st season is eh but showcases actual healthy relationships and has good plot) Suitor Armor (Fantasy/Romance- Pretty cute) Acception (Drama- very good messages and awesome characters!) Big Jo (Drama/slice of life- 1st season is so awesome, 2nd season kinda loses sight of the message though) Messenger (Fantasy- very fun story overall) The Remarried Empress (Drama- creates absolutely lovable and some of the most hated characters on Webtoons, and I love to hate them. Screw you Trashta!) and Purple Hyacinth (Drama- the TEA with this one, it's so fun watching Lauren so her detective thing, it's so well written.)
Katie Tablet
Katie Tablet 29 dagen geleden
Webtoon idea; withered About a character who is the only heir to the kingdom, but is cursed! Anything living the boy touches well...withers! (I have so many ideas for webtoons! More plot?)
Justoopy Maand geleden
Wrynntork Maand geleden
you should read unOrdinary
Aurora Maand geleden
My favs on webtoon- Siren's lament Freaking Romance Lore Olympus Down to earth Mystical (ethereal art) Winter Wood ... I am too lazy to write anymore 😪
moon cusser
moon cusser Maand geleden
Bro.... That voice for Hades tho!!!! 😍😍😍😍
Samantha M
Samantha M Maand geleden
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