I FINALLY Watched Avatar: The Last Airbender 

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21 sep. 2019




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Emirichu Jaar geleden
Thank you to the friends that lent their voice to me for the comments in the intro! Voices in order of appearance: Chillypanda CurtRichy Daidus Sen me Sultan Sketches AmyRightMeow Illymation Pat Graziosi (Blocko from LifeNoggin) Ginganinjaowo Tabbes TJ Toons CDawgVA
Phoenix King
Phoenix King 27 dagen geleden
Now Emily has to watch korra
Super Zeve
Super Zeve Maand geleden
Wolfania Maand geleden
The voices at the beginning KILLED ME 🤣🤣 thank them for us
Phillip Cooper
Phillip Cooper 2 maanden geleden
Kevin is part SIMP
Winston Lim
Winston Lim 3 maanden geleden
Kaiser Jarme
Kaiser Jarme 6 minuten geleden
That’s rough buddy
pkr 20 minuten geleden
I'm a bit late to knowing your channel so I doubt you'll ever really see this but to anyone else lol here: my father passed away when I was 5 and we had the avatar CDs. Still do. It's one of the few things I kept of his and is my favorite show partially because it's that good and also probably some nostalgia but who can blame me for that. I'm turning 16 in a few months so he's been dead for around 10 years and I coincidentally happened to watch it again and some of the stuff kind went over my head or I maybe I was just depressed the years I had watched it before, but the growth and development in the show really started to hit me this time I watched it. Say what you want about ppl who maybe stan this show too much but it literally means the world to me and it makes me very happy when other ppl have seen it. It's a masterpiece and a memory. Thanks for reading 😅 this is kinda a lot.
elite_ mongolian
elite_ mongolian 2 uur geleden
(these are airsoft guns) thanks for the clarification
MozzaTheLegend 7 uur geleden
tbh I was kinda ok wt u not seeing it.
alpha lala
alpha lala 11 uur geleden
why you look soo fat at this video 😌
solarsqueek solarsqueek
I was crying so much on the last episode
Lila Sutton
Lila Sutton 14 uur geleden
I am what you what call... A PERSON WHO IS EXTRAORDINARILY LATE TO EVERYTHING. I am writing this as of 6:49 PM Feb. 23 2021. I somehow STILL haven't watched Avatar. Dude I'm so late to all videos, shows, trends, you name it. WHY AM I SO FRICKIN' LATE?!
Casserole 14 uur geleden
why did I love that intro so much
do you like this
do you like this 16 uur geleden
i finished avatar in a week
Adaley Fox
Adaley Fox 16 uur geleden
DiamondCrafter Dag geleden
and now I want to watch it simply because I've never watched and don't want to be the one person
IdleBuckle _
IdleBuckle _ 23 uur geleden
Galaxy 3000
Galaxy 3000 Dag geleden
16:29 did you just call those "messy sketches"?!!??!
demonic psyhcy
demonic psyhcy Dag geleden
Emily how what is wrong with you😝😂
Jimmy Pratt
Jimmy Pratt Dag geleden
Big love for Kevin
Andrew Hunter
Andrew Hunter Dag geleden
don't be embarrassed that you cried, everyone did, and if they didn't, they have no soul
ItzSpaiicy Dag geleden
7:06 me when i hear leaves from the vines sad
DRAgOn Wandycz
DRAgOn Wandycz Dag geleden
Ioana Miron
Ioana Miron Dag geleden
It's avatar an anime ?
Tyler’s random stuff
When someone robs Emily **gets airsoft guns*** ***robber runs***
Tyler’s random stuff
Pls do this but LOK
CharmGirl Dag geleden
I din't got spoiled cuz i already Know ALL OF THE EPISODES Like.. And this is my fav nick anime show cartoon thing
Seagiant Surfer
Seagiant Surfer Dag geleden
You play league of legends?
Camila Villalobos
Camila Villalobos Dag geleden
I can't help but feel bad that the comments sound pretty rude in my opinion
Tree Fart
Tree Fart Dag geleden
So what was irohs deal with his son it's been to long since I watched it pls explain.
Ethan Rodriguez
Ethan Rodriguez Dag geleden
WHO didn't love Ty Lee at the beginning
Kian Walak
Kian Walak 2 dagen geleden
Can you make a sequel to this video of you Watching legend of korra
Lol nope i still havnt watched it
aiko kei
aiko kei 2 dagen geleden
JAN ARABELLA COLOMA 2 dagen geleden
HEAR ME OUT-- I kinda want her to react to the upcoming Percy Jackson series on Disney+ :/
CROW21K 2 dagen geleden
9:25 he reverse uno card his ass
furqan 3082
furqan 3082 2 dagen geleden
Me that dont watch avatar: thats fine- Other fans: *WHY DIDNT YOU WATCH AVATAR!? WHY!* Me: but that is fine- My friend: *_so.. you have choosen death_*
Lunarshine 2007
Lunarshine 2007 2 dagen geleden
ThAt's wHY nO OnE wANtS tO dAte hER shE's sCArY Me, an Azula simp: actually,,,,
Radboy Random
Radboy Random 2 dagen geleden
I watched the live action avatar movie when I was a kid And I liked it (Of course not anymore cuz I watched the bending scenes and found them really awkward and have horrible timing, and also started to hate it after watching the original series finally)
King of Spade
King of Spade 2 dagen geleden
You should watch Legend of Korra now. By that I mean watch it immediately. I wasn't asking. Why are you still reading this?? GO WATCH LEGEND OF KORRA NOOOOOW!!! Yes, you. Who is reading this right now.
Queen Akira
Queen Akira 2 dagen geleden
Bro Zuko is fire
Xiao 2 dagen geleden
"wErE yOu lOoKiNg aT tHe aBs tO
Evan Donahue
Evan Donahue 2 dagen geleden
Coming back to this, I feel like she would’ve cried when boomie and ang reunited.
X2 Man
X2 Man 2 dagen geleden
FINALLY anyways of topic no one cares about this BUT Rj is by far my favorite BT21 character
Daymond Cruz
Daymond Cruz 2 dagen geleden
Thank you Kevin
SeventeenGhost 2 dagen geleden
"I'ld be an airbender" Because... you're an airhead?
• Meat Buns •
• Meat Buns • 2 dagen geleden
Can we talk about the pictures in the background-?😂😂😂
FireWolfGamer 2 dagen geleden
Krafty Kactus
Krafty Kactus 2 dagen geleden
I haven't watched Avatar but BOYYYY DO I WANT TOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joseph Jordan
Joseph Jordan 2 dagen geleden
Did you just say nobody wants to watch Avatar: Last Airbender !!!!!
Rafael Rodriguez
Rafael Rodriguez 2 dagen geleden
@Emirichu don't worry I haven't seen it (the only reason why!!! Is because I don't know where I could watch it, well Ik its on Netflix but I don't have it.
Jacob Reed
Jacob Reed 2 dagen geleden
Privatea 3 dagen geleden
avatar didn't really seem like the type of show I won't watch so i still havn't seen it yet
Art O Ruairc
Art O Ruairc 3 dagen geleden
All I can focus on is the Doki Doki chibi plushes in the background
Katara Animations
Katara Animations 3 dagen geleden
Your so pretty :o
Cocons 4123
Cocons 4123 3 dagen geleden
I'm sure we all cried with that episode...
Nora Ilano
Nora Ilano 3 dagen geleden
5:44 is that a BT21 shirt????????
Freakshow 535
Freakshow 535 3 dagen geleden
I can’t lie about this but I’ve never watched avatar and these clips are the only things I’ve seen
ItsJi Dan
ItsJi Dan 3 dagen geleden
I didn’t watch avatar,I was just surprised there were so many kissing scenes
reyez 3 dagen geleden
Leaves from the vine🥲
Alucard 231
Alucard 231 3 dagen geleden
Sorry if this sounds raises but you emirichu look from Japan and I was thinking she was a american woman but to be honest you look good.
Destiny Wolf
Destiny Wolf 3 dagen geleden
i only just started watching avatar
Alex Branson
Alex Branson 3 dagen geleden
My friend didn’t watch avatar and I told her that The Puppet Master episode was about a nice puppeteer who went against the fire nation Edit: Ex-Friend
RedLionZ 3 dagen geleden
yeah right, I've seen your crying video and I know you cried cause of Iroh's song tributed to his son.
Candy Garcia
Candy Garcia 3 dagen geleden
1:03 Tabbes?
Space Froggy
Space Froggy 3 dagen geleden
*Slides in after watching Avatar as well, later than anyone else.* No you weren't the only person who hadn't watched avatar. c:
Jeremy Geller
Jeremy Geller 3 dagen geleden
Ron Swanson: their are 2 times where it is acceptable for a man to cry *listens to leaves from the vine* Ron Swanson: their are 3 times
Amina Turay-Webb
Amina Turay-Webb 3 dagen geleden
it's ok. I didn't watch avatar until last year
Dingus 2
Dingus 2 3 dagen geleden
Seems I'm not the only one who recites the intro :)
Z3ps 3 dagen geleden
Season 1:10/10 Season 2:10/10 Season 3:3483648/10 Season 3 is so fucking amazing
Totally not brando
Totally not brando 3 dagen geleden
...If you didn’t see the text during the song that uncle Iroh sang... it said in honour of Mako which was the original voice actor for Iroh and he passed away during the making of this so that was for him. R.I.P Mako
Brandon 3 dagen geleden
With a reaction like that, you should have reviewed M. Night Shyamalan's "The Last Airbender" to punish them.
Apathetic Gamer
Apathetic Gamer 3 dagen geleden
2:45 ....... we want to watch that we do like realy realy do
Speed 4 dagen geleden
Thank you Kevin!
Empty 4 dagen geleden
man at 7:36 when emily needed a tissue... its ok to cry when iroh crys but just gonna say i soaked when i watched that episode
Usman Subhani
Usman Subhani 4 dagen geleden
I’m getting inspiration on how to write a human girl by watching your reaction....
八雲 紫
八雲 紫 4 dagen geleden
I didnt watch avatar either, like stop at ep 1 I think trollolol
Ashley Collins
Ashley Collins 4 dagen geleden
You are a psychopath if you can go through leaves from the vine without crying
Sophie 4 dagen geleden
Never Emily never watch the movie
Derek Bromley
Derek Bromley 4 dagen geleden
I think I'll consider Merryweather Easter egg because she is also a NLblockr I saw her art during the leaves from the Vine oh and I like how you clarified that those were airsoft guns
Jennifer Miller
Jennifer Miller 4 dagen geleden
Guys literally want one thing and it’s disgusting AZULA
The Yes Person
The Yes Person 4 dagen geleden
i have not watched avatar...
Olivia Atkinson
Olivia Atkinson 4 dagen geleden
i have't whatched avatar the last air bender don't kill meh plz
Olivia Atkinson
Olivia Atkinson 4 dagen geleden
Albert Reva
Albert Reva 4 dagen geleden
My friend:sokka has no bending powers Me:slaps him in the face u forgot backbending
Comic Josh
Comic Josh 4 dagen geleden
Ehh Star Wars the clone wars is better in my opinion
S 22
S 22 4 dagen geleden
Wait wtf is that Evan at 2:11????
Mm Ninja
Mm Ninja 4 dagen geleden
Now she needs to watch demon slayer also there be air soft guns?
Yusufu Adewale
Yusufu Adewale 4 dagen geleden
And my brain is hurting so I cannot type
Yusufu Adewale
Yusufu Adewale 4 dagen geleden
I slammed my head is so many times I've been so long I was on life support
DILLTAMA cipher 4 dagen geleden
ok my sister watched the episode and SHE HAS NO SOUL HELP she did not cry at the iroh scene
A lonely Duck
A lonely Duck 4 dagen geleden
*(these are airsoft guns)*
Vai 4 dagen geleden
Me: Woohoo avatar! Avatar: Leaves from the vine.... Me: CRYING
Vai 4 dagen geleden
If you meant the movie, i would’ve cried
AJL 4 dagen geleden
They be binging Tho
AnimeGirl123 4 dagen geleden
I mean seen
AnimeGirl123 4 dagen geleden
Molly Daniels
Molly Daniels 4 dagen geleden
watch legend of katora
Azula 4 dagen geleden
we all cried at leaves from the vine.
JCjayne Gaming
JCjayne Gaming 4 dagen geleden
Spoiler alert: they weren't airsoft guns.
BEEGFEESH ChangeItAndDie 5 dagen geleden
Me and my family watched the whole series Kora and avatar
Olivia Benson
Olivia Benson 5 dagen geleden
The Boulders line in no joke my ringtone >:D
XrareX 5 dagen geleden
I hear tabbles voice
Lennon Mullan
Lennon Mullan 5 dagen geleden
To be honest who didn’t cry during the lu ten episode
Alpha Ducki
Alpha Ducki 5 dagen geleden
When you realize avatar isn’t even an anime
Snaapple 4 dagen geleden
@Ajsas_world Avatar was produced in the United States. Therefore, it’s a cartoon.
Alpha Ducki
Alpha Ducki 4 dagen geleden
@Ajsas_world it was made in America it’s not an anime
Ajsas_world 4 dagen geleden
You liked your own comment, and avatar is a anime...
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