I recorded this when I was really sick 

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A very frustrated and sick Emirichu complains about her experiences with illnesses for 8 minutes straight
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1 sep. 2019




Bezig met laden.....

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Jam Sandwich
Jam Sandwich 11 uur geleden
You’re well!
Andrew Hunter
Andrew Hunter 15 uur geleden
with the food thing, when im sick i almost threw up when i saw food
AJL 16 uur geleden
When she talks about food it is the same thing
Lord DemonFort
Lord DemonFort Dag geleden
Thats the exact brand of chair we have in our kitchen
squidette OvO
squidette OvO Dag geleden
i remember getting diorea when it was that time of the month
Catherine Cook
Catherine Cook Dag geleden
I can say I've never had the flu
itz_DxnielMine Dag geleden
Get batter soon
Vicky Shi
Vicky Shi Dag geleden
that was 2 year ago but ok... lol
Tian Lu
Tian Lu Dag geleden
"Then I realized, if I just chugged throw up would taste like applesauce..!" I'm crying of laughter
Jordan Goodman
Jordan Goodman 2 dagen geleden
I know I'm late, but I hope you feel better
Johnnie B
Johnnie B Dag geleden
Are you stupid this video is 2 years old :I
Ηλίας Ρουγκάλας
The pills that i was taking when i was having a form of coronavirous ? I guess. Tasted like coke with leaves and fish .
[ Chiknwings ]
[ Chiknwings ] 3 dagen geleden
Plot twist emerichu is ded and someone else is controlling her channel by using pre recorded stuff and replicating your style 👁👄👁
Campbell Anderson
Campbell Anderson 3 dagen geleden
Rayn Boy
Rayn Boy 3 dagen geleden
Tabbes 2
nora 4 dagen geleden
one word coronavirus
Johnnie B
Johnnie B Dag geleden
One word Moron, this came out in 2019
Emilie Plays Roblox
Emilie Plays Roblox 4 dagen geleden
I'm sick while watching this-
Cosmically 4 dagen geleden
JayToons YT
JayToons YT 4 dagen geleden
I remember when I was sick with a 104 fever I was taking a shower, then my parents heard a loud *BANG* from the bathroom. And when they went to check on me I was fainted on the floor struggling to breathe. I'm okay tho this was 4 yrs ago
Mm Ninja
Mm Ninja 4 dagen geleden
Emily sounds older when she’s sick also rip Emily
Kitty Corn
Kitty Corn 5 dagen geleden
next time you are sick make sure to take lots of iron pills because you will be really weak otherwise so be safe >:3 lovee youuuuuuu
haithem 5 dagen geleden
when i have food poisoning i would just eat a tiny tiny amount of food and a tiny sip of water in 2-3 hours segments that solved my throwingup problem
WEFAbender6 5 dagen geleden
This is gonna sound weird but I love when people (me included) are sick (but obviously an "I'll get better soon" sick). Something about being allowed to lay back and the voice change is wholesome? Idk, maybe it reminds me of being a child and my mom taking care of me
Dobrila Marković
Dobrila Marković 5 dagen geleden
Dont worry you are best yutuber if you sike
know me? yeah you do!!
know me? yeah you do!! 5 dagen geleden
This actual making me guilty but even tho cough syrup is So gud I even drank a whole bottle. Good thing I did not die or Something
Semi-Simple Random Stuff
Semi-Simple Random Stuff 5 dagen geleden
Emily: *Sick* Me: *More like drunk-*
Semi-Simple Random Stuff
Semi-Simple Random Stuff 5 dagen geleden
@Findmy Phone Hehe it just spunded like she was drunk because my dad always talk like that
Findmy Phone
Findmy Phone 5 dagen geleden
I don't know anyone who sounds like this when drunk. Tf u on?
RedLionZ 5 dagen geleden
Emily: I almost never sweat Me: If I just sit down for too long my back and armpits sweat. 😂
lynnie 5 dagen geleden
DUDE SAME I think there's something wrong with Arby's. Once in 3rd grade I ate Arby's with my friend and had a blue slushie the same day. Lucky me I got food poisoning :( and I threw up blue. I got so freaked out that I thought I was secretly an alien :`)
Charlie Bell
Charlie Bell 5 dagen geleden
Emily almost sounds like an entirely different person
Gerrard Tse
Gerrard Tse 6 dagen geleden
Tatchii 6 dagen geleden
Theory: Emirichu was the first person to get corona before it was descovered
JayyBoi 6 dagen geleden
Ya girl gotta kick the bucket xD
Ree Germain
Ree Germain 6 dagen geleden
Sounds like me when I had E. coli a few months ago! _And now I’m suffering the prep of a diagnostic colonoscopy!_
Popsicle 6 dagen geleden
Actually I dont know if its just me but I have a tradition of watching this video whenever i m sick because it makes me feel better somehow
SANA OL! 6 dagen geleden
I wonder if Daidus is watching this
Rebecca Besse
Rebecca Besse 6 dagen geleden
oof.... im sick rn and it really does suck
Gabriel Slashes
Gabriel Slashes 6 dagen geleden
Roberto Nistor
Roberto Nistor 6 dagen geleden
Her voice conveys "uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"
INK 7 dagen geleden
Wow even when she's so sick she still draw so good
INK 7 dagen geleden
0:52 well to bad I'ma worry anyway you better get better or so help me I'll eat a whole lemon
Chelsey Anne Panahon
Chelsey Anne Panahon 7 dagen geleden
well this was very fun to watch
Azaelea Wilson
Azaelea Wilson 7 dagen geleden
Me rewatching this in 2021. Could of been Covid
MoonLight Phoenix
MoonLight Phoenix 7 dagen geleden
Emma Chiev
Emma Chiev 7 dagen geleden
I have white colored medicine its bad when i was a kid but its ok now
Andrei Gheorghe
Andrei Gheorghe 7 dagen geleden
i get food poisoning every time i eat kfc, and let's just say that i'm not letting the finger licking good down...
Christopher Sudbrink
Christopher Sudbrink 7 dagen geleden
I'm glad you got through this Emirichu.
Some Kid On Youtube
Some Kid On Youtube 7 dagen geleden
Damn mother nature be hot tho
Carlos Samuel
Carlos Samuel 8 dagen geleden
تولين مؤمنة
تولين مؤمنة 8 dagen geleden
the ending is epic
Derpy Barney
Derpy Barney 8 dagen geleden
The only youtuber that says their sick and actually sound sick
black Hole
black Hole 8 dagen geleden
I don't get depressed like that when I'm sick, ... but now, for some reason I think it's cute if someone gets nervous when gets sick
Carlos Ponce
Carlos Ponce 8 dagen geleden
Take hot showers so you might feel better
oh god
oh god 8 dagen geleden
Emily’s voice sounds so deep when she’s sick, like 100000x more edgy 😂
Iam DAturtles
Iam DAturtles 8 dagen geleden
She sounds like a different person when she’s sick O-O PLOT TWIST SHE CAUSED DA COVID
Diana Rodin
Diana Rodin 8 dagen geleden
i feel bad :(
Padius gaming
Padius gaming 9 dagen geleden
she sounds like a diffrent person
Majestic Chimken
Majestic Chimken 9 dagen geleden
Online class Professor ASMR video
GrenadePlays 9 dagen geleden
Donnah Elizabeth
Donnah Elizabeth 9 dagen geleden
Feels like she is givin an anecdote of hell😂
Guapoman789 9 dagen geleden
She got COVID because she didn’t practice social distancing
Salem Westwood
Salem Westwood 9 dagen geleden
You sound like your dying and I’m surprised you’re still alive....... or are you?
Yureadingthis 9 dagen geleden
This happened around the time that the virus began, coincidence?!! I think so.
Nic Jansen
Nic Jansen 9 dagen geleden
gotta remember that tip about apple sauce :P also, rewatching this because it's good comedy, well done... now, how do i make sure to not forget that tip like last time?
Amelia Miller
Amelia Miller 9 dagen geleden
woooooo she lived!
jaber alahbabi
jaber alahbabi 9 dagen geleden
she sounds like tabbes
Little_ Miss
Little_ Miss 10 dagen geleden
She sound drunk
Daniel Rossy
Daniel Rossy 10 dagen geleden
7:14 keep on puking and you will puke bile. When you have nothing in your stomach, and you still want to puck, that is what comes out.
Daniel Rossy
Daniel Rossy 10 dagen geleden
I have a respiratory allergy and everytime I got the flu or a cold it would also manifest, and it gave me the worst storm of sneezes and snot that you can ever imagine. I could barely open my eyes, and can't even breath trough my nose, and I sneezed up to a point that my nose would bleed. However, I could always differentiate being sick from having an allergic reaction, beacuse when it was only my allergies, besides the sneezing, I felt fine. When it was the flu or a cold, I had fever and I just slept all day. It was worse when I was younger and went to school; now as an adult, event I'm a teacher, I don't get sick that often anymore.
William Afton
William Afton 10 dagen geleden
Why you sound like tabbes
Leo Jean Morbach
Leo Jean Morbach 10 dagen geleden
TBH I love her Drawn Hairstyle in this Video a lot
xxAlexgLm 10 dagen geleden
that sound like the rona
Ink!sans Squid
Ink!sans Squid 10 dagen geleden
Girl i feel you im on my *AHEM* DOT to :,D I wish i was dead
I hate Cocomelon
I hate Cocomelon 10 dagen geleden
Immune system: lets make ur body soo hot that germs cant survive! Emily: but i caant survive high temps either Immune system: ... Emily:.... Immune system: thats really not my facking problem
I hate Cocomelon
I hate Cocomelon 10 dagen geleden
Sick emily sounds like tabbes... Kinda
unpeps 10 dagen geleden
imagine making amazing drawings even when you are making a video of you being sick
LovelySaki 11 dagen geleden
She sounds like if an unconscious human corpse could somehow still talk on their death bed, this is it :
{ purple is bittersweet }
{ purple is bittersweet } 11 dagen geleden
nice impression of tabbes emily
Pint sized Kiwi
Pint sized Kiwi 11 dagen geleden
The metal chair interview is hilarious
Liam PATTERSON 11 dagen geleden
you dont sound to good
SUMA SUNIL 11 dagen geleden
She sound enigmatic even when she sick and me herein cant even speak when I am sick
Peterson Productions
Peterson Productions 11 dagen geleden
I had a sickness that was this but add in vomit and paaaaiiiinnn
Ilyasah Queen
Ilyasah Queen 12 dagen geleden
Watching this in 2021 be like GET AWAY FROM ME
DaRealSharko 12 dagen geleden
this isn't sickness, this is a life or death situation
Nour Shalaby
Nour Shalaby 12 dagen geleden
When I had food poisoning it was terrible I lose like 4kg a day and a anything I smelt would make me wanna just barf like even perfume I hate vomiting with a burning passion
Your Onii Chan
Your Onii Chan 12 dagen geleden
That same shower situation happened to me... except it was because I put on too much ball deodorant and that stuff has hella chemicals.
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker 12 dagen geleden
Emirichu: i got the something something Me: oh no she got Covid-19 Me: wait thats 2019 thats dumb
Polly Playz
Polly Playz 12 dagen geleden
I'm living so lazy that I don't put on clothes after a shower, I just kinda...get in bed.
TheDounutIsHere 12 dagen geleden
One time I had a stomach bug, and I looked at a waffle and felt nothing. Let that sink in. A *WAFFLE* And I felt *NOTHING*
KateSinging InTheSnow
KateSinging InTheSnow 12 dagen geleden
Once I got like crazy sick and I just always felt like I needed to throw up, but very quickly it got to the point where there was nothing to throw up, so instead, to get rid of the aching and nauseous feeling, I'd chug a bunch of water, then make myself throw it back up, just to get my body to shut up
Christopher Sparks
Christopher Sparks 13 dagen geleden
Agree food poisoning sucks... **TMI Warning below** Yeah, food poisoning really sucks because I got it a boy scout campout from a stale marshmallow and I threw up so much just from like 10 small stale marshmallows, and during the campout, it was in the summer and it was like 95 degrees out but I was shivering. I went to dinner there but didn't eat anything and just went to my tent and sleep for like 1 hour and my dad woke me up and asked me if I was okay and I said yeah why. He said that the entire tent smelled like poop and I felt my butt and there was something full there. I got up to go change in into bathroom and clean my self up but when I stud up my world did a 360 and I almost fell back down but when I walked out of my tent I instantly threw up covering my shoes in green vomit and so I ran up to the bathroom throwing up on the way there and sat down and it was like someone shook at Pepsi can then threw it across the room put to mentos into it then opened the cap and because I get nauseous very easily the very smell and veracity of the poop plus it being in a stinky camp porta-potty I started rocket vomiting everywhere all over the walls and everything. When I finally, stopped and got to go home I found out that I had the flu, had food poisoning, I was dehydrated, I also almost had a heat stroke because I was in a below 0 sleeping bag in like 95-100 degrees Fahrenheit.
Brad Darnell
Brad Darnell 13 dagen geleden
Sick Emily: I’m going to die Me in the future: yeah you definitely died
Esme H
Esme H 14 dagen geleden
except not really
Esme H
Esme H 14 dagen geleden
She sound like Tabbes
star platinum
star platinum 14 dagen geleden
Rip emi
Savannah and Elle
Savannah and Elle 14 dagen geleden
I got food poisoning from some chicken nuggets- Now I’m scared to eat chicken nuggets ._.
Husnain Hashmi
Husnain Hashmi 15 dagen geleden
Pahh weak pathetic girl your dying from a cold i broke my arm and didnt cry i was sick horribly and i fought 4 bullies im not being narcistic but that happened
Another Person
Another Person 15 dagen geleden
Woaahhh u so stronggg and totally not narcistic
Tridentgreen 33
Tridentgreen 33 15 dagen geleden
Loathes Artificial Grape Gang Check!!
Bullseye Buddy
Bullseye Buddy 15 dagen geleden
Hey it’s been 2 years Are you better?
Bullseye Buddy
Bullseye Buddy 2 dagen geleden
@zar fair enough
zar 2 dagen geleden
She still uploads
Carlotta The Witch
Carlotta The Witch 15 dagen geleden
Her messy hair is so pretty❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Anime Chan
Anime Chan 16 dagen geleden
There is no need 4 u to tell me get better If i want 2 tell you to get better GET WELL SOON I KNOW IM LATE VERY LATE
Ainhoa Palacio
Ainhoa Palacio 16 dagen geleden
Emily: “I’m also on my period” Me: “JESUS CHRIST HOW ARE YOU NOT DEAD!!”
Mark Meyer
Mark Meyer 17 dagen geleden
Emily "I don't sweat that much" Bruh I sweat so much when I do anything. I stand outside into he sun for like 10 seconds and I overheat. Like I walk outside look at the sky, walk back inside and I'm drenched. I can't sleep with a duvet on even when it's like 10 degrees because I'll sweat. I know I'm dragging this out buts its rly fricken annoying
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