If Avatar: The Last Airbender Was a Musical 

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Thank you to Katherine Lynn-Rose for giving me permission to use her original songs!!
Katherine's Channel:
I saw Katherine's musical tiktoks on twitter and IMMEDIATELY knew that I wanted to draw an animatic for a few of them!
I haven't done one of these in a while so I hope it turned out okay!!
Instagram: emirichuu
Twitter: EmirichuYT
My P.O. Box!:
5663 Balboa ave. # 492
San Diego, CA 92111

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25 okt. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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Emirichu 4 maanden geleden
just a reminder, this is NOT my voice!!! (I wish I could sing this well haha) The vocals belong to Katherine Lynn-Rose, and she's working on a BUNCH of avatar musical songs, including full versions of the shorter ones you hear in the video! Follow her on tiktok at katherine.lynnrose or her youtube channel (linked in the description!)
Dennis Tofu
Dennis Tofu 19 dagen geleden
Ok o
Dennis Tofu
Dennis Tofu 19 dagen geleden
Dennis Tofu
Dennis Tofu 19 dagen geleden
Dennis Tofu
Dennis Tofu 19 dagen geleden
Dennis Tofu
Dennis Tofu 19 dagen geleden
Samuel O
Samuel O 5 uur geleden
1:01 seems like Kyoshi looking down on her next life's relationship
Jordan Barkley
Jordan Barkley 16 uur geleden
Nice to see the Emerald Island Players got their......., act together? Anyone? 😀
Crystal Ross
Crystal Ross 22 uur geleden
Okay, how much money do you guys need to fully recreate the whole show with a song in each episode! 🤔💵
Jennifer Gasaway
Jennifer Gasaway 22 uur geleden
Wow your so good :)
I may or may not have started watching the legend of Korra while watching Atla
Shinzo Kagari
Shinzo Kagari Dag geleden
4:04 cool art style!
A Hendle
A Hendle Dag geleden
Sky is never gra Toph : ⚪️. ⚪️ 👄
Shinzo Kagari
Shinzo Kagari Dag geleden
4:04.. Joo-dee was kinda like that originally.
Some Hobo
Some Hobo Dag geleden
Not the full musical? Still better than the live action
Jinali Herath
Jinali Herath 2 dagen geleden
"The skies are never gray!" Toph: "I'm blind remember?"
SimSim 2 dagen geleden
The last two songs really sold me
Elisa Gil Pradanos
Elisa Gil Pradanos 2 dagen geleden
wow you are so good
Rita C.G
Rita C.G 2 dagen geleden
the best decision we made was make it so she watches avatar
Merninja Marshmallow
Merninja Marshmallow 2 dagen geleden
2:39 haha that face. Ditto has taken the form of Sokka.
AnnMarie Bourke
AnnMarie Bourke 2 dagen geleden
The skies aren’t grey there green lol
PieR 3 dagen geleden
There is no war in ba sing se...
Nom Nom
Nom Nom 3 dagen geleden
Roses is red. Toph can’t see gray. I really hope you have a good day.
Musically Artistic Jen
Musically Artistic Jen 3 dagen geleden
Dude, this is actually epic
Sprout MacKao
Sprout MacKao 3 dagen geleden
I JUST NOTICED THE PAINTED LADY CLOUD AT 1:00 ISH WHEN AANG SAYS "we're free to be whoever" THAT ATTENTION TO DETAIL wow I love this even more than I did before!!
Scout Anonomous
Scout Anonomous 3 dagen geleden
Holy snap I need to replay that last one- No, screw it, ALL OF THEM.
Scout Anonomous
Scout Anonomous 3 dagen geleden
Ok. Katherine Linn-Rose, along with a bunch of other voice actors (Because I'm presuming she's a voice actor/singer of some description), could voice the characters and do the songs. Emirichu could do a lot of the animating, but I don't know how long/difficult that would be, so obviously other people would help. But honestly? I know a LOT of people who would genuinely love to see this made into something big, if the ATLA community wanted to do something with it. On a side-note, this is really great!
soap 3 dagen geleden
Aang be like: Wait, is that a woman playing me?
AnnMarie Bourke
AnnMarie Bourke 3 dagen geleden
This is the best music I have ever heard(I’m not joking Netflix should make this bootiful music!) :D
Rachael Marsh
Rachael Marsh 3 dagen geleden
The dislikes are the fire kingdom that found this.
Aubrey Wilkinson
Aubrey Wilkinson 4 dagen geleden
4:05 Katara is deeply disturbed 😳
Emily L
Emily L 4 dagen geleden
"the sky is never grey" meanwhile: Toph is blind 3:59
Emily L
Emily L 4 dagen geleden
"the sky is never grey" meanwhile: Toph is blind 3:39
Vai 4 dagen geleden
The rest of the avatar world: intense fighting Ba sing se: There is no war is Ba sing se!
Vai 4 dagen geleden
how did you animate like that? It’s beautiful!
Cyclonado Thunderclaw
Cyclonado Thunderclaw 4 dagen geleden
Amazing songs and animation! This should be a full blown animation!
Klaus O'Shaunacey
Klaus O'Shaunacey 4 dagen geleden
I’ll never get over Welcome to Ba Sing Se
Aniyah J Raven
Aniyah J Raven 4 dagen geleden
The Way that Ju Dee Slammed the door gave me creeps...
Henrik Karlsen Helland
Henrik Karlsen Helland 4 dagen geleden
Ohh Jeez Actual Goosebumps
Cara Roberts
Cara Roberts 5 dagen geleden
We’ve all watched this more than once I’ve never even watched Avatar but I love this
Weird Whoman
Weird Whoman 5 dagen geleden
The last one is my favorite
wafflerooni 5 dagen geleden
4:02 I find it unsettling and cool that you can hear "Lake Laogai will come for you" or "Lake Laogai will comfort you" as if it's the two sides of joo dee
Ava Hundley
Ava Hundley 5 dagen geleden
God bless her I love ATLA
UnicornWizard 5 dagen geleden
I loved appa's little dance in the beginning
Fr0ggy Boi
Fr0ggy Boi 5 dagen geleden
Omg kaiou can sing!!!
Yeet !!!!
Yeet !!!! 5 dagen geleden
Why is no one pointing out the Painted Lady shaped cloud at 6:02?
Jay Naidoo
Jay Naidoo 5 dagen geleden
Lovely just LOVELY :-) Also beautiful and WOW!
Leo Williams
Leo Williams 5 dagen geleden
We not gonna talk about how cute 2:38 is best thing in this vid
T. R
T. R 5 dagen geleden
It really hit me hard when Katara remembered Aang then spared the guy's life.
Jenna Jones
Jenna Jones 6 dagen geleden
Wooow this was published a day before my bday and I’m now just seeing this
Blonde Ballerina
Blonde Ballerina 6 dagen geleden
The clouds at 1:02 were slick
Erwin Montag
Erwin Montag 6 dagen geleden
Suki be like: *demolishes solar plexus* Also suki: you feel it yet?
Alexander Munoz
Alexander Munoz 6 dagen geleden
so beautiful......
dino drawz52
dino drawz52 6 dagen geleden
More please
Sienna Lam
Sienna Lam 6 dagen geleden
the fact that there was a flashback of aang before katara spared the guy is pretty cute
Starxxi love
Starxxi love 7 dagen geleden
The dislikes are all azula on fake accounts lol
Luna Isabel M. Baffrey
Luna Isabel M. Baffrey 7 dagen geleden
Baby Sokka and Katara are so cute! You have a talent. Have a good day!
freedman 360
freedman 360 7 dagen geleden
this is just... AMAZING avatar being a musical, the 2 things I love the most in this life
Zane- Aesthic
Zane- Aesthic 7 dagen geleden
Love The Singing OwO
Iceed Playz
Iceed Playz 7 dagen geleden
This reminds me of the Steven universe movie
Amelia Kerlin
Amelia Kerlin 7 dagen geleden
1:05 does anyone else see the face in the cloud?
Skye Lai
Skye Lai 7 dagen geleden
' ---c '
sahar slimani
sahar slimani 7 dagen geleden
Zuko watching her kill somebody and doing nothing
Whoosavids Stuff
Whoosavids Stuff 8 dagen geleden
Aang watching this: Wait? IS THAT A WOMAN PLAYING ME?!
PukkarPukkar 8 dagen geleden
I desperately need the full versions of all of those songs
TheGamingAsian 8 dagen geleden
As usual, Azula's bit spits fire
Eleanor Giorgianni
Eleanor Giorgianni 8 dagen geleden
AVATAR IS MY CHILDHOOD!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Mal the IceBear
Mal the IceBear 8 dagen geleden
Im getting Steven Universe vibes
The Crowned Pen
The Crowned Pen 8 dagen geleden
Is there going to be a part 2
caleb lambert
caleb lambert 8 dagen geleden
Da frick is this
caleb lambert
caleb lambert 8 dagen geleden
This hole thing brought back the 10 year old me that would stay up till 6 in the morning watching aviator.... I'm going to rewatch it tonight
Alexander Mansley
Alexander Mansley 8 dagen geleden
Where's sokka? Everyone: you care?
SCOOB 8 dagen geleden
Soda Dinki
Soda Dinki 9 dagen geleden
I'm need full version
IcyX :3
IcyX :3 9 dagen geleden
4:04 wth why are you reading this ;-;
Timothy George Cana
Timothy George Cana 9 dagen geleden
One thing tho: *_A U T O T U N E_*
Alexandra 9 dagen geleden
OMG I have had the idea of making Avatar into a musical for a while and then I saw this on my recommended page. the interweb is watching us
Green Orange
Green Orange 9 dagen geleden
yo in the beginning, what happened to Sokka
OhHelloStudios 9 dagen geleden
Now I watch ATLA was a musical
OmegaLighting 9 dagen geleden
John Mccain
John Mccain 9 dagen geleden
Them vocals though
Dora the savage :0
Dora the savage :0 9 dagen geleden
Fight like a girl is boosting
StrawberryTea 10 dagen geleden
I was rewatching ATLA and I was confused why there was no singing. Then I realized that it was because I’ve watched this ten million times 😅
Miguel Flores Aguirre
Miguel Flores Aguirre 10 dagen geleden
Disappointed there was no Zuko
MicroLunchBox 10 dagen geleden
I mean, sure you’re a good artist I’ll give you that. I may not know much about art or talent and I understand I have no right to question your abilities. But the scar is on the wrong side.
Just A Random Guy
Just A Random Guy 10 dagen geleden
If you search the meaning of calm on Google The first song is the first result
Whoosavids Stuff
Whoosavids Stuff 11 dagen geleden
The part in friend or foe where mai and ty lee are over Azula was awsome
LuluCharm 11 dagen geleden
*sokka is non-existant*
izzie crossing
izzie crossing 12 dagen geleden
is it just me or one of the clouds looks like the painted lady?
Hamon frog
Hamon frog 12 dagen geleden
I would delete it form existance like it never existed in reality itself
Analise Nolasco-Paz
Analise Nolasco-Paz 12 dagen geleden
The musical would probably be WAY better than the dang live action.
random sealeo
random sealeo 12 dagen geleden
Dang flying bald lady
faerichqi !!
faerichqi !! 12 dagen geleden
debating on watching this
Shkoop 12 dagen geleden
I love how the songs are a similar style to some of the Steven Universe songs
Zuko 13 dagen geleden
I am *not* singing.
Dragonsandmeerkats :P
Dragonsandmeerkats :P 13 dagen geleden
Aang & Katara: *flies away on Appa* Sokka: WAIT FOR MEEE
ice 13 dagen geleden
i havent watched avatar but the last song pierced my heart jesus im crying
Alisha's Art Studio
Alisha's Art Studio 13 dagen geleden
There is now war in ba sing se...
Oofsoo 13 dagen geleden
Cringe moment: When they sing, I die
Noi Jadis Cailleach
Noi Jadis Cailleach 13 dagen geleden
I never thought i needed this. I don't even like A:TLA. Agh! i guess i'm just a sucker for musicals.
Felina Li
Felina Li 13 dagen geleden
H2O Reef
H2O Reef 14 dagen geleden
Can you do the Eye of the Storm animatic?
maryam 15 dagen geleden
can someone give me the link to there is no war in ba sing se and the last song coz i wanna add it to my atla playlist and couldnt finf it on Katherines channell ;-;
Crystal Love
Crystal Love 15 dagen geleden
Did anyone notice the painted lady(I think that's what it is) cloud at 1:03.
ToriPlays 757
ToriPlays 757 15 dagen geleden
I NEVER realized how bad I NEED this!!!!
Redzo Pasic
Redzo Pasic 16 dagen geleden
Love this video beautifully animated, but I just gotta ask next time you draw this topic please make appas tail bigger it’s a bit disproportionate
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