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⭐The tune that Plumeria plays to make Robin fall asleep is from the Record of Lodoss War OST!
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13 feb. 2021




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Emirichu 10 dagen geleden
I've been getting some comments from people about how the fairy lore reminds them of the Tinkerbell movies, which apparently also have seasonal fairies! :0 I've never actually seen any of the Tinkerbell/Pixie Hollow movies so I had no idea 😭 While I didn't take any inspiration from Pixie Hollow, the autumn fairies having leaf wings were def inspired by the earth faerie from Neopets LOL
30K 14 uur geleden
Sydney Dag geleden
Oh my God I have that dice the dice that you showed I mostly use them but I am going to play a game that involves dice and I always want to use them because I really pretty
Jack Goodman
Jack Goodman Dag geleden
@Emirichu You should play with Arcadum! He's always looking for people to play D&D!
Michaela Richards
Michaela Richards 2 dagen geleden
do u play geshin impact
• gaycko •
• gaycko • 2 dagen geleden
Hey, I was wondering if it was alright for me to use your fairy lore in a D&D AU I’m thinking of for my characters as well any D&D campaigns I’m in in the future, credit will be given in both cases of course
Thor Nelson
Thor Nelson 47 minuten geleden
This is amazing and I honestly want to create your fairies as a d&d race. Also you never have to pay attention in class
Robert D
Robert D Uur geleden
You know, my father had a bit of a DnD story regarding a fairy PC. So, the party was dungeoniering through some caves with the player fairy scouting ahead. This fairy soon sees a bright blue light. Curious, the fairy flew closer to the light. Cut to the party, who hear a distant *zapp. As they continue down the cave, they discover a blue ball of light, and right under it was a single pair of burnt fairy wings.
RedJack Uur geleden
DUDE!!! This is an amazing backstory that you have created that makes me insanely curious as to how the story will unfold. Mega props for your childhood and current you for coming up with this story. Please, please pleassseee be sure to post updates for this story if you ever do get the chance to run a campaign with her. Also I have to say that your design and explanations about faerie races is just as amazing. I hope that WotC would reach out to you about implementing them into the D&D lore (If they don't already have some).
Robert Gray
Robert Gray Uur geleden
My 2 characters are cor and Rin. Cor was a half dragon, while rin was human. his mother was full human with no surreal abilities, while his father was a half dragon with the element of fire. They were separated at birth, haven’t thought out how yet, but cor was a naturally talented sword fighter and when he was little he was taken in and eventually became part of the royal gaurd, while rin wasn’t as lucky and grew up and fended for herself on the streets where she learned to pickpocket, and years later she tries to pickpocket a mage and gets caught, and rather than getting handed over to the towns guard, he asked for a favor, rather she insisted on it then in a fight against giants the party abandoned her and a dragon flys down and carry’s her away to have her join a cult, she is hesitant at first but leaving the cave would result in death so she agrees and is given a pendant with the power of ice, contrast to her basic fire abilities but those were bare minimum
Robert Gray
Robert Gray 2 uur geleden
Friend: I don’t think you can be a fairy... Emichuru: *I said fairy...*
Sundara Niwahana
Sundara Niwahana 2 uur geleden
Tinkerbell vibes.❤❤❤
Martin Švec
Martin Švec 4 uur geleden
The funny thing is that the lore is actually quite close to what we have for pixies, except for the types.
Gacha alexander
Gacha alexander 5 uur geleden
I want this to be a series 🥺😭
Plankton-Sama 6 uur geleden
This is strawberry as fuck
Darkmask X
Darkmask X 6 uur geleden
Barbarian fairy going berserk...
antiprince 6 uur geleden
Robin's fine 😩
ishsn Alajx
ishsn Alajx 6 uur geleden
Why are there autumn fairies?
ishsn Alajx
ishsn Alajx 6 uur geleden
BTW love the video
Faylinn MystiqueRose
Faylinn MystiqueRose 7 uur geleden
Not much backstory..? lol, I think it's a really good one, gives plenty of background to the character, where she came from, and her motivations for starting her adventure without going overboard, something every DM would love to see from their players, though many come with backstories far more sparse than that, so yours is AWESOME!
Faylinn MystiqueRose
Faylinn MystiqueRose 7 uur geleden
I've always wanted to play a full on fairy in a D&D or even Pathfinder campaign, but due to being tiny creatures with an innate flying speed, a lot of DMs/GMs have trouble dealing with the idea because balance and all that, and in the case of Pathfinder there's a point limit on races you can use in some games. The closest I've got to playing the character I want in TTRPGs is a Faerie in D&D which are capable of transforming into a small fairy form capable of flying once a day for a total of 10 minutes, and in Pathfinder I play a Trixie, which are half pixie, half gnome, I actually can go tiny and fly as that race, but once again it's only once a day and for an amount of minutes equal to my character level, which is currently 5.
Gordon Lynch
Gordon Lynch 8 uur geleden
We need to have Emirichu get back to her ORIGINAL party and play this out!!! 😍
- Yui Mai -
- Yui Mai - 10 uur geleden
DnD is just roleplay with extra steps.
Mia Quebev
Mia Quebev 10 uur geleden
This is like tinker bell
savageocto83 11 uur geleden
What does oc mean?
Honor Tran
Honor Tran 10 uur geleden
Oringinal Character
Erickishi 11 uur geleden
Somebody make this a anime please i love this
Honor Tran
Honor Tran 10 uur geleden
Let’s go same it’s way to good-
Wake up, cousin we're going to the Zu-zu
So when's the manga?
Chaton Blanca
Chaton Blanca 11 uur geleden
Honor Tran
Honor Tran 10 uur geleden
I was like O-O when I heard hear voice.
Rachel Wanner
Rachel Wanner 12 uur geleden
maybe if you end up doing another campaign you could make a podcast with it?😳😳😳
Joestis B
Joestis B 13 uur geleden
Yo, that lore is solid, the season and wing classification is super cool.
Raven claw
Raven claw 14 uur geleden
Basically a more advanced version of Tinker Bell The movie not the characters 💀
Genevieve Wilson
Genevieve Wilson 14 uur geleden
When you design your first character: hours upon hours of research, sketches, and backstory~ Designing your fifth character after two of them died: so uh...they're from a place, and they probably had siblings. Parents died tragically? ....imma just join the first ban of hooligans I see so we spend more time blasting people with fireball than investigating my non-existent backstory
Silent Sparrow
Silent Sparrow 15 uur geleden
I want moooooore
Suzie Urias
Suzie Urias 15 uur geleden
Emi: they look like candy don't they Me: *puts one in my mouth*
Brayan Argandona Florentino
You're so arrogant for forcing the rules to play as a fairy on dungeons and dragons
Fr1wn 16 uur geleden
this better become dnd canon
Emily Does Gacha
Emily Does Gacha 16 uur geleden
ive decided i wanna be a winter fairy
LEQI LI 16 uur geleden
2.69m subs
LEQI LI 16 uur geleden
Haha fairy alphiem online
ショウガGinger 19 uur geleden
*Screams in Robin is super similar to my Main oc*
Swedish Fox
Swedish Fox 20 uur geleden
13:41 UMm aCtuALly hAlF eLfs CaNt bE Put tO SLeeP UsInG MaGIc. AnD tHey dOnT SlEEp eITHer.
Shaked Amar
Shaked Amar 20 uur geleden
Jack Creagh-Flynn
Jack Creagh-Flynn 21 uur geleden
Great story. I like Plumeria. Concerning official D&D races, which are always just options, the eladrin is likely the most fairy-like player character race. They even have characteristics that change depending on what "season" or mood they are in. Spring for playful and friendly. Summer for brave and prideful. Autumn (or fall) for generous and indulgent. Winter for sad and bitter.
Gael Gregory
Gael Gregory 21 uur geleden
I showed my mom this video because she likes fairies and fantasy. She ended up falling in love with Emirichu's art style, to quote her "I have a hard time with drawing and she can just draw hands and legs so perfectly."
Red _
Red _ 23 uur geleden
Aarockocra with true polymorth gone wrong how to save the dm a headache if you don’t care about sticking out like a sore thumb and also having a waaaayyy darker backstory
ALEXANDER RUIZ 23 uur geleden
No one ever talks about fire emblem so I get excited when someone mentions it
Rylee Aerison
Rylee Aerison Dag geleden
in D&D essentially all I do is struggle to make a new character since they always seem to feckin die in my campaigns also for some reason I try to connect characters even if they're in different campaigns. for example- my Dragonborn paladin is friends with my aarakocra bard/rougue (they met while the Dragonborn went traveling). They're connected caus they're friends and stuff. Some weird stuff happened and the Dragonborn got transported to an alternate universe (the one that my new campaign takes place in)
Rylee Aerison
Rylee Aerison Dag geleden
essentially, you can make anything in D&D *SO LONG AS YOUR DM APPROVES OF IT* and allows the usage of homebrew content in the campaign
Starlyo Dag geleden
Starlyo Dag geleden
sad name welpiz
jwrfb26 Dag geleden
In D&D, the rules explicitly state that you can play as anything if you can come up with reasonable stats for it. "I don't think you can play as that," = "I'm too lazy/inexperienced to help you make that work."
Faryal Dag geleden
I wanna see more of Plumaria!!!
Wishtelle Dag geleden
long haired elf boy? count me in.
Brian Shorr
Brian Shorr Dag geleden
I can imagine the story of the seasonal fairy village as an amazing children's book. Maybe just tone down the fairy genicide.
Ella Lewis
Ella Lewis Dag geleden
I thought the story would say Plumeria accidentally angered a winter fairy and was either exiled from her Colony or ran away, later then encountering a small group/clan of people in the forest in which she joins o go on quests.
QuantumVoid36 Dag geleden
as a DM myself (dungeon master) i thought of a good story for Plumeria pls respond to this comment if u like this story: as Plumeria adventures with her friends she comes across a clue about robin she investigates it on her own with out the other players shes follows it to find the other fairies in glass jars her sister one of them as she attempts to break them out a someone hits her from behind and knocks her out. as she wakes up she sees a smug looking elf she immediately jumps back and realizes that shes in a glass jar herself but a separate one the elf tries to have a friendly conversation but Plumeria sees right through him she realizes he's the elf that gave away the location to her village she begins to scream at him but in the process she accidentally brings up robin (side note:robin should've been spelled w/a y) the elf is actually robins long lost dad but he's bad and after realizing that robin found a fairy he kidnapped robin and torchered him to try and find the last fairy; her. he didn't give in though but the elf brings her to see him he's very visually beaten up and it crushes Plumeria lucky her teammates found her and set her free the group of fairies killed the elf dad and left leaving only Plumeria and her sister but she didn't stay to say hi she stayed to kill robin apparently she thought robin held her hostage and Plumeria had to fight her sister to save robin its very tragic but Plumeria loses but right before her sister lands the finishing blow a delayed trap activates cutting both of her sisters wings off as she plummets to the ground she is mortally wounded from the impact but one of her teammates heals her at the last moment saving her life ironically its the human changing her view of humans forever now after all the other adventures they have on the campaign Plumeria, her sister, and all the other fairies create a new village next to robins house who now is fully healed where they live happily ever after. (also the windy boi literally murders robin but he get reincarnated using fairy magic and Plumeria sacrifices her wings in order to save robin but yea it works) anyway pls make a part 2 bye
Purple Eater
Purple Eater Dag geleden
Omg I love the relationship it’s so cute also I would’ve fallen for robin too 😉❤️❤️❤️ too late already have😏😏😏🤌
Jackson Foerster
Jackson Foerster Dag geleden
This.... is this.... is this just tinker bell?
Tenko Chabashira
Tenko Chabashira Dag geleden
Robin best boy change my mind
Oooh Yehhh
Oooh Yehhh Dag geleden
Lucina A.
Lucina A. Dag geleden
I think that's really interesting that Emily named her fairy Plumeria and then Fire emblem heroes makes fairy also named Plumeria ^^
calypso555 Dag geleden
this makes me miss pixie hollow, my favorite game growing up
Wesley klien
Wesley klien Dag geleden
The troubled ticket unquestionably chase because pigeon supposedly advise besides a violet server. voiceless, toothsome home
Jordi Marquez Guerra
My Goodness.... U need to make a comic of this.... I really like Stories/Universe that people make.
Jordi Marquez Guerra
WHAT U ALREADY MADE A COMIC!!!!! I.... I-I am really impressed.
Kodyjay Dag geleden
Here from Blane Simple's channel.
TheArmoredNeko Dag geleden
This is great fairy lore
lil river
lil river Dag geleden
i need to know what happens to robin 😭
Slimy Face
Slimy Face Dag geleden
You would be a bard lol
Cailey Adams
Cailey Adams Dag geleden
Get it pens and paper people WERE MAKING COMICS If u didn’t get this it was a gravity falls reference...yeah.
part 2 pls i love it so much and want to learn more about ur oc and her story
Diamond Scorpion
Diamond Scorpion Dag geleden
We love it when people have a life 2:26 too relatable DM: I'm canceling the campaign not enough people are coming.
Kiwi Kiwi
Kiwi Kiwi Dag geleden
FINALLY A NEW DND NLblockR I know it’s only one video shhhhhhh
Barbara Dag geleden
derpmire gaming
derpmire gaming Dag geleden
I need the fairy homebrew I want to play a fairy monk and deck people while being 5 inches tall
Zak The Pig YT
Zak The Pig YT Dag geleden
I love d&d so i loved this video
Bionic System5
Bionic System5 Dag geleden
Death Fury
Death Fury Dag geleden
1:56 Was that cami-cat’s oc?
aubergine man
aubergine man Dag geleden
it feels like listening to nice fantasy story book or story from a game, and its sooo amazing *^*
Not a Person
Not a Person Dag geleden
honestly I live and breathe for D&D stories
Kateri Goffeney
Kateri Goffeney Dag geleden
WOW why isn’t this an anime?! 😍🙏🏼
gui bin
gui bin Dag geleden
*posts one D&D video* Congratulations, you're now a D&D content creator.
Leo_V82 Dag geleden
Yuna Rose
Yuna Rose Dag geleden
We should have a discord or amino or something so we can link up and create ocs and stuff!
animation brothers
animation brothers Dag geleden
You need to make more dnd content it would be cool
TheRichmaster Dag geleden
this is a nice story; the voiceover i great too
Mason Hren
Mason Hren Dag geleden
take the two away from 2.69M
galning 27
galning 27 Dag geleden
03:37 I was 100% sure it was gonna be jocrap
galning 27
galning 27 Dag geleden
01:00 is it only me who thinks that guy looks like jocat
Roark The Half-Orc
Roark The Half-Orc Dag geleden
Man I wish I could have you in my d&d game. It just started so it'd be perfect
Tim van Uden
Tim van Uden Dag geleden
One of us One of us One of us
Sleepy Cyclo
Sleepy Cyclo Dag geleden
2:40 Bro............same
Aj Payne
Aj Payne Dag geleden
Make this a fking sho right now.
Aberrant Lore
Aberrant Lore Dag geleden
Dnd fairy lore: they are fey some fairies don't talk fairies lay eggs fairies are chaotic and they are called "Fey" Fey were creatures from the Feywild, a parallel plane to the Prime. ... Fae, or faeries, as many liked to be called, were creatures of any size, shape, texture, or smell, that exemplified and inhabited natural wonder. They went by many names, like "Green Folk", "Fair Folk", "People of Peace", sometimes "Wee folk". for more lore, use the internet
Gacha Kore
Gacha Kore Dag geleden
Omg I wanna draw fairies now 😀 and I wanna make a storylines now 😀 thanks Emily 😀
Aberrant Lore
Aberrant Lore Dag geleden
Maddox Dag geleden
would you be ok with people using the fairy lore? just like the things about seasons and such?
PuzzleParts Dag geleden
Can I play dnd with u, u could make it so we can play with fans on discord or something else. I am an experienced player and have a small amount of experience as a DM. And I’m looking for a party to run curse of strahd. EDIT: Also I found you from Blaine Simple.
Дмитрий Д
Дмитрий Д Dag geleden
I see only one male fairy in the colony. They must live in the harems.
Brandier Flores
Brandier Flores 2 dagen geleden
Am I the only one who wants to watch a whole anime series about plumeria.
FellowGleek 2 dagen geleden
Totally recommend the channel Dimension 20 (their Fantasy High campaign is GREAT) if you want to watch some DnD
Igor Gruszkiewicz
Igor Gruszkiewicz 2 dagen geleden
Bruh! This character is epic!
BologneyT 2 dagen geleden
...I... couldn't help but notice that at the end of comic 3... she has two left hands...
Roger Chen
Roger Chen 2 dagen geleden
Imagine if a guy made a tv show about these fairies! lol :D
weedy 2 dagen geleden
that backstory was sick and the art is just 👌
Shinigami Black
Shinigami Black 2 dagen geleden
That tune of the flute is literally the same as the background music in genshin impact
Clipper YT
Clipper YT 2 dagen geleden
U love vicious mockery? I love Theatrical distraction. Cuz u can go KAZOOO
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