My Scary Older Brother 

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(and yes, I've recovered from my brief 2-day battle with food poisoning...god I never want to experience that ever again.)
Sorry this video took so long!! Now that the holidays are past us, I have way more time and energy to spend on drawing!!
I love both of my brothers but I thought this story was too funny NOT to illustrate. Hopefully you found it entertaining too!
Thank you to CDawgVA for voicing the drunk old man haha!
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6 jan. 2019




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L- (DaTB Dime)
L- (DaTB Dime) 40 minuten geleden
I do taekwondo I’m red belt lol
Who even am I?
Who even am I? 7 uur geleden
Wait-Sim reminds me of the sims 4-
Annabelle Fisher
Annabelle Fisher 13 uur geleden
This girls bro is hilarious
auroraqx 15 uur geleden
No one: Sim: *w o u l d y o u l i k e m e t o d e l e t e?*
Bryadon Gomes
Bryadon Gomes 15 uur geleden
Omg I have one of those pissed of resting faces heh
your Edmonds
your Edmonds 16 uur geleden
Did anyone see that Josh looks like the Josh in TOP
Try Hard Games
Try Hard Games 19 uur geleden
My dad is named John
ALStudio Dag geleden
Sim means yes in portuguese
-BAKUGO KATSUKI- Dag geleden
1:27 remained me of 1 meme... : ) you what it is Sim/Jhon: EH GET THE F**K OIT OF MY WAY
Zohmangaihsanga Bawihpuia
he's saitama and his other brother is genos
Alexblue0660 Dag geleden
"Would you like me to 'erase' him?" - sim
Multi -Kandi
Multi -Kandi Dag geleden
Never knew your brother was one punch man
AntiS8n Dag geleden
Brother: Wanna learn how to put someone in a chokehold Little Emi: YEAH!
Think Dag geleden
Nadia LaHaye
Nadia LaHaye Dag geleden
Your older brother looks like one punch man
Micheal Afton
Micheal Afton Dag geleden
“Would you like me to *e r a s e* “
Vivian Lee
Vivian Lee Dag geleden
I saw the thumbnail before reading the title and thought you were scared of Saitama
Mailena Yang
Mailena Yang Dag geleden
Is it just me or does her brother look like Ikkaku Madarame?
川崎キラ Dag geleden
Lol her brother ngl looks like saitama
ItsJess Edits
ItsJess Edits Dag geleden
seth everman is your brother?
somone'sOjou-chan 2 dagen geleden
i wan a brother like tat.....i wonder if ur parents r up for an adpotion?
kanato 2 dagen geleden
how do you put someone in a chokehold
LZT 1314
LZT 1314 2 dagen geleden
Your brother reminds me of Levi but taller
Xavier Chavez
Xavier Chavez 2 dagen geleden
Sheila Ring
Sheila Ring 2 dagen geleden
honestly same I got an older bro who is smart, a second brother who is athletic and strong and then me- But you see we all like anime
Naruto and Boruto
Naruto and Boruto 2 dagen geleden
I'm a good boyy
AdRich 2 dagen geleden
Møchi Paradise
Møchi Paradise 2 dagen geleden
"And they responded like how any other person would" But l would say yes- HmMm I say yes to Sim, ERASE HIM
Emma and Desiree in wonderland!
Since you said that your brother had a car accident, when he shaved his head, you weote 2003.
Ichi 2 dagen geleden
nah its not sim its simp
Dawn Rainwater
Dawn Rainwater 2 dagen geleden
your brother looks like one punch man
pickled eggz
pickled eggz 2 dagen geleden
Thats what i was thinking
Ravina Pandey
Ravina Pandey 2 dagen geleden
Thats really me
Vegito Deleto
Vegito Deleto 3 dagen geleden
Sim: *Stands up* Random guy: Isn't scared *Jotaro's theme begins to play as Sim Yells "Star Platinum!!!"*
All-Pain-No-Gain 3 dagen geleden
congrats, Sim, you’re acting in anime is very popular
Enzo Rey Tam 谭顺航
Enzo Rey Tam 谭顺航 3 dagen geleden
We found the real life saitama
Saitama actual back story
the fox god King of all foxes
I'm gonna make u a minecraft fanart
the fox god King of all foxes
Emirichu I swear Is it even possible for you to make a bad animation Like seriously how All your animations are awsome
•PeaceSign• 3 dagen geleden
Your brother is the one punch man
tsuki.mp4 3 dagen geleden
that's cool! I was stalking through your account and i just found out that ur korean !! ^^ i was born in australia, but my background is South Korea :D. I'm the biggest noob at speaking korean, though I can understand it! I feel like i can relate to you a lot because we have a lot of things in common. time to finish this video !! ~
Orion Wolvesbane
Orion Wolvesbane 3 dagen geleden
Weirdos rule!!
Qixxi Animates
Qixxi Animates 3 dagen geleden
At the end card, I can relate by starting the year slightly badly.... I have this thing that you just put in water and then it makes mist, so I decided to turn it on because it looked like it had water in it, later my dad came and said "oh my god, do you smell that?" And I said that I don't smell anything and he said that it's coming from the mist, so then he turned it off. He said that the smell could be poisonous. In the morning when I woke up, I felt that when I breathed deeply, it hurt, I told my mom and dad and my dad said it's probably from that mist thing. Long story short, I felt better in just 2 days because my mom made me soup and tea so I healed quickly. I'm sorry if I made some grammar mistakes, I'm not really good at that 😅
John Philip
John Philip 3 dagen geleden
i will cry
Bumfuzzled Bumblebee
Bumfuzzled Bumblebee 3 dagen geleden
Man: *smokes* Sim: so you have chose Death
UwU luna Bear
UwU luna Bear 3 dagen geleden
All I’m going to say is on punch man that’s it
aspirx 3 dagen geleden
5:13 the most saitaka scene
BurgerBunny 3 dagen geleden
- Aritix -
- Aritix - 3 dagen geleden
Do you want me to *DELETE* this man? What i see- Do you want me to *Thanos Snap* this man?
- Aritix -
- Aritix - 3 dagen geleden
me getting OPM vibes- :'>
Nikko Gallegos
Nikko Gallegos 3 dagen geleden
why does your brother look like one punch man
Nadria Givens
Nadria Givens 3 dagen geleden
He looks like one punch man
SeiSo 4 dagen geleden
Us weebs will understand you're pain. Anime is good like if you agree (you dont have to)
Zeynep Sezer
Zeynep Sezer 4 dagen geleden
dude he looks like saitama!!!
Agustin Jr Pastor
Agustin Jr Pastor 4 dagen geleden
who knew you were related to the strongest man alive saitama .-.
i am a simp? C9111
i am a simp? C9111 4 dagen geleden
Me : you are just like my sister ->-
Kylie Otis
Kylie Otis 4 dagen geleden
For a hot minute I thought the voice to the old man was Garroth from aphmau lol
TheDJ Gaming YT
TheDJ Gaming YT 4 dagen geleden
Never mess with emily her brother will serious punch you
Matthew Sosa
Matthew Sosa 4 dagen geleden
From the thumbnail I can tell he's a weeb
owen 4 dagen geleden
Jush jush
XX Zodiac
XX Zodiac 4 dagen geleden
How fast the quiet kid can go from this: 4:21 To... 4:31 And lossing it looks like: 4:49
Mr.Crabby 4 dagen geleden
So you got saitama as a brother man ur lucky
Clara Catlady
Clara Catlady 4 dagen geleden
Got any stories about your other brother?
BrokenLimit 4 dagen geleden
1:13 I’m like that too but with English aand English is the only language I speak 🥲 wtf
-hunni_ 4 dagen geleden
tu veux que je l'efface?
Amine Hdd
Amine Hdd 5 dagen geleden
maybe your older brother is saitama and the 2nd oldest genos
• CloudNugget Studio •
I am like ur brother I am sadly one of those people who if they don't smile they look either depressed or like they want to slit ur throat (I only recently found this out and I am glad I now know this because I know understand why everyone stains at me alot and this is also probably why I don't have many friends but atleast this makes me good at giving people death stairs)
• CloudNugget Studio •
I am like ur brother I am sadly one of those people that if they don't smile they look either depressed or like they want to slit ur throat (this is probably the reason why I don't have many friends and people stair at me alot but atleast if I ever need to give someone a death stair I will be really good at it)
lo i
lo i 5 dagen geleden
Brother bald like saiiiitttaaaammmaaaaaaaaaaaa
John Gbla
John Gbla 5 dagen geleden
I’m a John
Karma Fleck-York
Karma Fleck-York 5 dagen geleden
a scary thumb
royale lia
royale lia 5 dagen geleden
Ok everybody pause the vid at 7 mins and 19 seconds ik that's a face from one punch man -_-
royale lia
royale lia 5 dagen geleden
Why is Saitama on the on the pic
Element Bright
Element Bright 5 dagen geleden
He looks like one punch man
Inok Byon
Inok Byon 5 dagen geleden
Crusty creature 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Floofyplays 101
Floofyplays 101 5 dagen geleden
One punch man vibes
Escana Potato troll
Escana Potato troll 5 dagen geleden
I’m a girl but I like beating up boys in my school because they pissed me off and I always omae wa moe shindeiru them
Geo Codename: Soul
Geo Codename: Soul 5 dagen geleden
Why use Saitama?
ukaih105 5 dagen geleden
brooo your bother is tanaka
Dr Blight
Dr Blight 5 dagen geleden
Here's a fun thought! Those two waitresses probably went home and told their friends and families the story about that one time a bald Korean mafia guy offered to erase some rude old drunk for them! :D It's probably less fun-sounding when they tell it.
Heneral_Juan 5 dagen geleden
as someone who actually knows someone named john, yes, he prefers to be called by his second name instead
Bored potato
Bored potato 5 dagen geleden
saitama is that u?
BEan BRAVE 5 dagen geleden
Hey, you! Yes, you! Can I tell you something? Look at me... Are you mad? Are you sad? Are you ok? Are you happy? Are you frustrated? Are you excited? I heard it’s impossible to smile and out your fist out.... Fist bump! That’s a first.... I’ve never done one of those ☺️ Get some water... and come back... Take a sip. Woah.. that water is sparkling... and so are your eyes... they’re gorgeous! 🕊Do you miss someone? Do you miss something? Do you miss a time? It’s ok! You’re not the only one, but you’re the only one who is reading this at the moment :) remember your you, you is your style you design it just like your day! "The way I see it, if you want the rainbow 🌈 , you gotta put it up with rain." -Dolly Parton “✨If you’re always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be✨,” -Maya Angelou :) “Some of us think holding on makes you strong, but sometimes it is letting go🎈,” -Herman Hesse :D “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations 🏞 ,” -Zig Ziglar ;) “If people are doubting how far you can go, go so far that you can’t hear them anymore 🤨👂,” -Michele Ruiz :> “Success only comes to those who dare to attempt ☀️ ,” -Mallika Tripahi :} “Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle 🔮,” -Unknown :0 “Whoever loves much, performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in ❤️love❤️ is done well,” -Vincent Van Gough I hope you enjoy your day is filled with lots of love and fun feel free to reply :) love you bye bye
BEan BRAVE 21 uur geleden
@thunderstar86 thank you :)
thunderstar86 Dag geleden
bro thanks actually i needed that
Benjamin Riggs Outdoors &All
Eric Ancion
Eric Ancion 6 dagen geleden
You never know those bomb scrambled eggs might come in handy
Colton Animations
Colton Animations 6 dagen geleden
Hmm looks kinda like one punch man
Keith The Shadow Fighter
Keith The Shadow Fighter 6 dagen geleden
the main reason why everyone fears him because he can one punch everyone
Emilio Lacanlale
Emilio Lacanlale 6 dagen geleden
Fort Nooot
Fort Nooot 6 dagen geleden
Jeez he rly one punch man
Fort Nooot
Fort Nooot 6 dagen geleden
Sauce, no ketchup
짜다Eggie 6 dagen geleden
0:45 - 0:47 The pics.. Are *ASTONASHING* 😳
Charles Raphael V. Cantoria
Pov:*The thumbnail distracted you because its one punch man*
LinkMain68 6 dagen geleden
Sid from toy story
Luke HILL 6 dagen geleden
I love cdawgs voice
Benjaninja D
Benjaninja D 6 dagen geleden
Sim with his saitama lookin a**
Saif Amirul Kasyfi
Saif Amirul Kasyfi 6 dagen geleden
Daidus gonna have a hard time
jewish mossadshinbit
jewish mossadshinbit 6 dagen geleden
its aj winn not john or aj middle name alan winn pennclia torre shiro until you happend and few more is hacking my mom dammt
Teag Brohman
Teag Brohman 6 dagen geleden
Josh: Brains Sim: Brawn Emily: *WEEB*
OMEGABET 6 dagen geleden
Ah yes, the perfect dynamic trio.
ana parreira
ana parreira 6 dagen geleden
me and my brother have so many thing in comun. exemples: Both love animals, music( beatles), books, politic( yhea i like politic) and other's thing.
Jahdiel Wharton
Jahdiel Wharton 6 dagen geleden
I’m a John
Magnus Madsen
Magnus Madsen 7 dagen geleden
1:42 im one of those people always think im either angry or sad
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