Our Embarrassing Weeb Years 

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30 mrt. 2020




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Emirichu 11 maanden geleden
So this video idea happened because were supposed to all hang out in Japan next week but UHHH obviously that's not happening anymore so 😅 Make sure you guys are staying safe !! WASH YA HANDS
Lily Kim
Lily Kim 10 dagen geleden
Cancel Covid XD
LinkKujo 13 dagen geleden
@F1GZ jokes on you im the last now
F1GZ 13 dagen geleden
I’m the last person 2 comment so here’s a riddle Riddle: what is Cool and stays at the bottom Answer: me
Hinata shouyou
Hinata shouyou Maand geleden
Im still in weebs year lmao
Vince Tanciano
Vince Tanciano 3 maanden geleden
Lourdes Morales
Lourdes Morales 19 minuten geleden
DrakeTunes - Music Channel
DrakeTunes - Music Channel 57 minuten geleden
I'm 15 & seen the part of 14:12 *I'm roasted*
EmileeJean26 Uur geleden
"You went with SiMpLe PlAn???" Um excuse me, Simple Plan is my jam!! 🎧🎶
Ace Gaming
Ace Gaming Uur geleden
My mum walked in when I watched princess mononoke when I was like 5 and then she saw my dad watching with my dad and it was at the Sean when ashitaka is killing all the scavengers or whatever and I haven’t been aloud to watch it since
Nabhan Anuz
Nabhan Anuz 2 uur geleden
i still dont get the asuka, i actually fucking hate her but everyone be bandwaggoning that now shes one of the most popular waifus
Miku 223
Miku 223 3 uur geleden
I wish I could be in a place where people thinks anime is cool, I'm 18 single in highschool and everyone just likes 4wheelers and there trucks. I just like my anime and video games, I also have a hatchback so I'm not very popular ಥ‿ಥ but I have my anime :)
Archer Crocker
Archer Crocker 4 uur geleden
The friend she took to her first anime con was GingaNinja
Xavier Varghese
Xavier Varghese 5 uur geleden
Wait I wonder how is your voice always sound the exact same?
Bulldozer 5 uur geleden
I honestly love my raycon earbuds
Vritika Patel
Vritika Patel 9 uur geleden
Emily: has friends Connor and Daidus being like: *excuse me?*
Jaiden Maximus Diente
Jaiden Maximus Diente 12 uur geleden
19:39 *Thinks of an anime* High school DXD?
Colton Reese
Colton Reese 13 uur geleden
Dragon Ball will and always will be the best anime ever
Señor Despacito
Señor Despacito 13 uur geleden
I love Emily's drawing of Succubus Sensei so much🤣
Killian Dooley
Killian Dooley 15 uur geleden
Emily: Hey guess what? It’s later Me: Hey guess what ITS A SUBSCRIPTION!
Singerfre4k 16 uur geleden
Love the splatoon sounds
Xavier Varghese
Xavier Varghese 17 uur geleden
Xavier Varghese
Xavier Varghese 17 uur geleden
The heck
Xavier Varghese
Xavier Varghese 17 uur geleden
BubblyEriArt 17 uur geleden
OMG tha rap xD OMG I CAnT STOP LAUGHING 😂 It was amazing xD
Neutral _
Neutral _ 19 uur geleden
Who’s rem
bye tehi
bye tehi 21 uur geleden
When I was younger I went to a Party ,it was like you painted your face and then it shone all over the hall. During the festival, I got a drink with my friends and started talking to older people I don't know how it came to it , but they all started to estimated how old we were and half of the people there thought i was more than 7 years older than i actually was 😂
Killian Dooley
Killian Dooley 21 uur geleden
So hent*a? WAs the .Com?
Mikkel Slott Rasmussen
Y do I feel like the guy in the prom suit actually could be voicing an anime character?
UGS_Smug Plays
UGS_Smug Plays Dag geleden
Why wouldn’t it be awkward to be a weeb
Sen Int
Sen Int Dag geleden
Dayum... ...this video somehow revoke my memories of past...(...and half of them are cringe... what I want to forget again!) (Also, I know the feel of "High School loner" -syndrome... xD was all due to getting three years of hardcore bullying before the high school... what is why I have been passively "camouflaging as background decoration" all these years since... [You have NO IDEA how much stuff I've seen and heard when nobody noticed my existance...!])
Fatma Alarbash
Fatma Alarbash Dag geleden
I never watched anime in my entire life
eleanor's tears
eleanor's tears Dag geleden
the first anime i watched was good at the start but at the ending it really got bad-- fairly tale. y e s . THAT IS THE FIRST ANIME I WATCHED. fairy tale. back around like when it was realised my sister was addicted to it and she showed me an episode and back then i lived under a rock so-- i didn't know what anime was-
Jason Animation's
Jason Animation's Dag geleden
🙃😭 so true
Jayy Dag geleden
Arda Oran
Arda Oran Dag geleden
Random kids:Hey what music are you listening to What I would say in that situation: Nickleback
Sapphire Eevee
Sapphire Eevee Dag geleden
What’s a weeb ;-;
Datu shane Ago
Datu shane Ago Dag geleden
absolute degenerates and clowns
Alexander Mayro
Alexander Mayro Dag geleden
They turned off Princess Mononoke when the guy gets shot, but not when the one soldier's arms get ripped off by an arrow quite a bit before that?
B1TEZ Dag geleden
i've been watchin anime since i was 5 , but i didn't know it was anime , i tought it was just another cartoon
Another enclosed living being
Alright imma just say my embarrassing story which i will never tell in public so yeah anonymity is a blessing, anyway i was like 8 years old when i discovered vocaloid and i know it’s not the same as anime but it’s still weeby, so i would dress as miku with any clothes i owned that looked similar to her’s and dance and sing levan polka and carameldance in my brother’s room because our wifi could only reach his room and i remember being sooo cringy about it and i know my brother doesn’t even remember that (he just ignored me and played videogames), but i still feel haunted by those cringy days and when he hears one of those songs i pray for him to not to suddenly remember and look at me with judgy eyes xD
Terrified Sora Face
Remember the 4kids evangelion rap
Owen Baker
Owen Baker Dag geleden
When you know the story about huge anime’s just by the name but you don’t watch anime: I know all your weaknesses and it all revolves around exploiting the logic of the series
ManjesticBeard Dag geleden
oh my god gaia online... i still remember my log in to it its been ages
「Neptunian」 Dag geleden
I discovered the no no anime when i was in the 5th grade, I’m in 6th grade...
IcAy Dag geleden
adventure Carrotz
adventure Carrotz Dag geleden
I went to anime fever, and all I'm gonna say is, my mac h eeds a virus check TwT
Zara Burns
Zara Burns Dag geleden
Zara Burns
Zara Burns Dag geleden
Princess Kitten
Princess Kitten 2 dagen geleden
Yes, person in a white suit, the fire nation attacked.
Pyro 2 dagen geleden
1:46 i laughed so hard my parents walked in and asked me what happend 😂😂
Salzar Crosser
Salzar Crosser 2 dagen geleden
I feel exposed
Sarah Batrisyia Rahimi
Sarah Batrisyia Rahimi 2 dagen geleden
I remember watching miss kobayashi’s dragon maid when i was 8 or 9 and i watch something horrifying
Owen Baker
Owen Baker Dag geleden
Is that from, that side, of anime, monster movies are full of ridiculous stuff, but never, that stuff, because they know who watch those movies
ShadowAnimations 2 dagen geleden
I love anime
Mackenzie McIntyre
Mackenzie McIntyre 2 dagen geleden
hey initial d isnt so baf
TheRedPanda Man
TheRedPanda Man 2 dagen geleden
1:20 Daisy’s in sixth grade looks so funny 😂
ShadowFire_Gamer 2 dagen geleden
When I was 8 my um friends taught me about some adult filmss...... they showed me some special stuff and i liked it hahahahahha.
GAMER GAGE 2 dagen geleden
Wait, did she just roast my state? Cons in Maine aren’t that bad
Alex gamer girl
Alex gamer girl 2 dagen geleden
Its still bad to like anime you know how many times I've been asked "Is thAt HenTi???" Like dude what the hell
Kurt Doyon
Kurt Doyon 2 dagen geleden
Emirichu if you read this I love your videos
Kurt Doyon
Kurt Doyon 2 dagen geleden
I’m a Leo so I never even thought about making friends so I never got betrayed by my friends
potato sensei
potato sensei 2 dagen geleden
...I'm in 6th grade, I am suddenly obsessed with Naruto, I am wearing very interesting weeb vibey clothes. Oh gosh.
iTz Huh_
iTz Huh_ 2 dagen geleden
Daidus marry me
Kyle Palomares
Kyle Palomares 2 dagen geleden
Tried watching this. Unfortunately, I am in the middle of these weeb years. Forever. I don't want to watch this anymore, bye.
Flatt4ness 3 dagen geleden
It’s too bad I didn’t know animal was a thing until 6th grade. My WHOLE class knew anime and loved it
Trinity Moodley
Trinity Moodley 3 dagen geleden
I LOVED THIS!!!! I laughed soo hard!!!!
TSA 595
TSA 595 3 dagen geleden
12:22 " We Don't Go There"
zboy roblox
zboy roblox 3 dagen geleden
Connor we have all had this moment where you sing and people make fun of you
Deidy Neko
Deidy Neko 3 dagen geleden
*avoids eye contact after the line "No one caries free hugs when 18 at anime convention" ummmmmm >3>' *
Ambika Mitra
Ambika Mitra 3 dagen geleden
Tokyo Teddy Bear is song of Rin Kagamine she is a Vocaloid.
PulseBlade _
PulseBlade _ 3 dagen geleden
Liku Games
Liku Games 3 dagen geleden
I get bullied for watching anime and by other weeks too
Scorpion 3 dagen geleden
"adult anime cartoons" Me:*HENTAI*
plzeatme hello
plzeatme hello 3 dagen geleden
so.. I'm still in my awkward weeb years as a freshman in high school. can anyone relate
Ninjycoon 3 dagen geleden
gaia online tho
Sky Le Pancake
Sky Le Pancake 3 dagen geleden
The tiresome composer formerly name because mattock daily trip beyond a female fertile customer. ahead, well-made bike
GoodStuff 3 dagen geleden
Strawberry Peach
Strawberry Peach 3 dagen geleden
You sound like Jaiden animations
Michael Rhett
Michael Rhett 3 dagen geleden
I also found “adult anime cartoons” around the same age as Emily. I was scarred
A Name
A Name Dag geleden
Sadly I found out in 3rd grade when a kid showed me it. If you think you’re cool by finding adult anime cartoon at a young age, you’re not it’s scarring and will ruin you’re childhood
Emmett Clarke
Emmett Clarke 3 dagen geleden
Asuna from SAO
6 74
6 74 3 dagen geleden
I just got to this video for whatever reason, I was the anime club president at my highschool, I banned any ecchi stuff and only put on anime that I had scene to avoid anything weird happening
Rodrigo Guzman
Rodrigo Guzman 3 dagen geleden
the nick name of my sis is yayo
park seonghwa
park seonghwa 3 dagen geleden
Ηλίας Ρουγκάλας
In Greece we are like 10 years back in everything but a bit liter . I hate it 😓 . I need to live this country . Ok i am proud for some things but no i can't take it anymore .
Mm Ninja
Mm Ninja 4 dagen geleden
The end though
Donkey Konged
Donkey Konged 4 dagen geleden
10:12 the word is hentai
Nguyễn lê Phanh
Nguyễn lê Phanh 4 dagen geleden
Is the 100th times i watch it this? Yes, yes it is
Usman Subhani
Usman Subhani 4 dagen geleden
I was a dirty little idiot in high school who played R-18 anime games in the library.
Usman Subhani
Usman Subhani 4 dagen geleden
I remember making a friend online... and we were talking about Waifus... and she called me someone who was harassing her because my Waifus were Yuri... then I got mad and blocked her on Wattpad and we never spoke to each other ever again.
Usman Subhani
Usman Subhani 4 dagen geleden
In high school, I was such a Weeb, I Naruto ran while we on the pitch in front of the whole class. It was like that running pitch that went round in a circle, and I was there running around like *Naruto run!*. The ninjas who stormed Area 51 would be proud of me...
killermarty r6
killermarty r6 4 dagen geleden
Adult anime cartoons Me:nanii
guardian 4 dagen geleden
Connor: Like i wil just Talk to naruto about emely
tyrese le
tyrese le 4 dagen geleden
Kenneth Aranda
Kenneth Aranda 4 dagen geleden
my brother likes darling in the franxx lol
2020 with internet access
Connor: 2:17 2020 weebs: no I shall not allow it
Anmonoir Hosan// Rasedul
Anmonoir Hosan// Rasedul 4 dagen geleden
The hypnotic kilogram extraorally deliver because step-daughter congruently stuff abaft a assorted agenda. tightfisted, weary amusement
Aiko Chan
Aiko Chan 4 dagen geleden
Alternate title: Embarrassing ourselves.
Tutualex videos
Tutualex videos 4 dagen geleden
I was only in year 6, 5 years ago but anime has always been the shiz everyone loved. And we would take it to the point where we would gave fights and the power of anime and god powered us. It got to that point where if you watched anime in my primary school you were a BADASS. I think he also because everyone who watched anime was sporty as well but i like to think it was because anime is awesome.
yami naku
yami naku 4 dagen geleden
Dj Chain
Dj Chain 4 dagen geleden
My name is Emily♥️
ꪗꪖꪑiꪮꪑꪗ ᥴꫝꪖꪀ
ᴄᴜᴛᴇ ☘︎
Haruka Anagary
Haruka Anagary 4 dagen geleden
I like the Connor's voice
Ryce Gaming
Ryce Gaming 4 dagen geleden
19:09 is my favorite part
Talia Rosmarin
Talia Rosmarin 4 dagen geleden
Gremlins Wrath
Gremlins Wrath 4 dagen geleden
I am connor. i relate so hard
8e UnOfficial Advertisement Channel
Apparently, girls watch more hentai than boys so ye, idk like tf what's wrong its our fucking job lol
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