The K-Pop Hole 

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It was gonna get me one way or another.
(The fanart whose name I forgot to include at 8:17: their twitter handle is @mxchaii !! im so sorry I forgot to write your name! D:)
Thank you to Tabbes, Chillypanda, and Eroldstory for voicing...themselves! Haha! (and Maaz for being the "STAN LOONA")
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3 feb. 2019




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Emirichu 2 jaar geleden
SHINee, Big Bang and 2NE1 are still my favorites because they were a big part of my adolescence, but I've been enjoying exploring all the new stuff too! Not just BTS. (I'm also really mad at myself for not listening to more K-R&B sooner but it's absolutely fantastic as well!) Sorry if this topic wasn't to your liking but I appreciate you giving it a watch anyway! ^^
Manda Vera
Manda Vera Maand geleden
Kirby Jorge
Kirby Jorge Maand geleden
SNSD's my all time fave haha
Its_Gigi 2 maanden geleden
I love blackpink
Rainier Liu
Rainier Liu 3 maanden geleden
@radioactiveflamingos That is top notch >:3 Home DWC VERY NICE (aju nice) Pretty U they are so goooooood
andrei mircea
andrei mircea 7 maanden geleden
6:46 ; bad pickles? Wut... ? I don’t get it (because I am not into K-pop, but I’d like to know about the story about the bad pickle).
no c que poner lol
no c que poner lol Uur geleden
Same here with UT :(
snowfurries 2 uur geleden
I don’t like BTS
I don't like bts their just a bunch if dudes with make-up on and literally just dancing every 5 seconds
09recked90 6 uur geleden
JoJo's bazaar adventure
Random Person
Random Person 6 uur geleden
Haha she animated her self more amarican than korean I watch bts for like super long but I haven’t choose a favorite
enderboy 6 uur geleden
8:06 aren't those all just the same person at different times?
Something cool like 'Beat Vengeance'
Fun fact: this video created a rabbit hole that may or may not be very slightly related to kpop
Something cool like 'Beat Vengeance'
All I remember is avoiding Oreo McFlurrys then loving them
Cozy -esk
Cozy -esk 9 uur geleden
Once you jimIN, you can’t jimOUT.
The Diamond Peter
The Diamond Peter 12 uur geleden
6:31 that discord light theme?
cilantro 623
cilantro 623 15 uur geleden
can we talk about how emily uses light mode
Shiroyasha 96
Shiroyasha 96 18 uur geleden
8:25 Yaoi. Damn me the day I decided to watch a doujin
aqil amber
aqil amber 21 uur geleden
The stan loona caught me off guard 😅
Mateo Paul Vincent Almagro
Im immune to kpop
Mind's eye
Mind's eye Dag geleden
For me it was chemistry and science. I personally was scared because my parents are chemists and my sister was a biochemist...i was scared my hobbies will like disappear or some dumb shit but when i had chemistry in 6th grade i fell inlove and it didn't influence my plans for the future ^^
v Dag geleden
wtaching this in 2021 is so funny HELP
Archie Milne
Archie Milne Dag geleden
Haider Khan
Haider Khan Dag geleden
For the end card question I really tried to avoid the anime Assassination Classroom but then I found out I love 💓 it
naincy Singh
naincy Singh Dag geleden
I am also always scared of that toxic fanbase . But i still love BTS music.
Carla the Osix ship child
I avoided every k-pop i could find too, but ended up loving it. The reason why i avoided it because..of the messy behaviour my army friends have attacking every non army who just shares their opinion-
Catalina Orane XI B
I wasnt a kpop fan until 9th grade. I knew the song gangnam style but thought that it was cHiNeSe (im embarresed bout that hehe). And then there were a bunch of girls in my class who were CrAzY bout bts. They would always be BTS this n BTS that n stuff. so it got me curious. Like, what IS so good bout these guys that they r head over heals for them. So i searched them online n the first mv i saw of theirs was FIRE. i LOVED the song n had a liking towards SUGA. But then......i watche BLOOD,SWEAT N TEARS.....n i was killed by Jimin n sucked by hoseok to the bts world. I saw introduction videos, other mvs, mv theories, crack videos,........n before i realised it, i became an ARMY^^. Slowly i started listening to other kpop grps n nw im a multistan of several grps. Being sucked into the kpop hole was the best decision EVER and u can NEVER come out of this me, i tried. Those who had the patience to read this whole thing........hope u have a great day^^
• Marukiichi •
• Marukiichi • Dag geleden
This Is literally Me but Instead of K-pop its MCYT....
Diego Andres Jovel flores
4:29 “it was at this moment that she knew, she f*ck up”
꧁ ღ An Awkward Crybaby ღ ꧂
I watched this at least 8 times since I started watching Emily’s videos ;-;
A Person
A Person Dag geleden
to be honest the fanbase issss kinda trash.. im a korean and even i know that but it dosent matter if you enjoy the music, just stay away from discord servers and other things.. im gonna be flamed in the replies arent I?
Chaes.chocolate Dag geleden
Me in Jan, 2019: who’s bts? What’s kpop Me in February 2019: *searches up bts and watches dna* *I just liked the song..*
Reyna Fraire
Reyna Fraire Dag geleden
I kinda perfer Black Pink pls dony attack me 😣😣😣😣😭😭😭
Sunlight the sun is a star
Emirichu: Bts is gatbage! Tabbes: Haha very funny
Møchi Paradise
Møchi Paradise Dag geleden
"Once you Jimin, you can't JIMOUT" I chocked and still chocking- I died for a solid 3 seconds on the line
Anna Quintana
Anna Quintana Dag geleden
Hello, I'm here to tell my testimony... I had some friends that were into Kpop and one of them was my best friend. We used to sit together in the computer classroom, so she told me to watch a video with her. She put DNA on, and when I first saw Taehyung do that hair thing, I knew it was going to be something. One day she wrote me because they were releasing a new song, Fake Love, and from that day on, I can just get deeper :')
Maëlle Sauvé
Maëlle Sauvé Dag geleden
"Wheres Emily?" "In the hole."
Soka Dag geleden
Srsly bts fanbase is so disgusting and disrespectful
Tanvir Mahi
Tanvir Mahi 2 dagen geleden
Never cared about BTS. but this type of thing happened to me. I really avoided the Yakuza games and once I played one I got sucked in. And now I think of it as the best franchise.
hanzo Pro577
hanzo Pro577 2 dagen geleden
I've been trapped in the hole since 2010 because of Mblaq, but I got out because they disbanded(hope they are doing ok now), one day, I scroll NLblock recommendations and saw, "Jin being an angry mother" And I was like, "uh okay, let me take a peak", after about 5 minutes, I'm starting to like it because of the edit and Jin screaming. And after that I'm back to the k pop hole, " Hello old me, I'm back". Until right I'm a k-pop fan(not a Stan) because of crack head moment that they make.
Sisilea Chan
Sisilea Chan 2 dagen geleden
0:23 I'm that one but I'll never unsubscribe💚🌸 I listened to some songs and they are amazing, but I'm not a fan girl😂 I actually really love K-Drama💛💛
GlitchySoda 2 dagen geleden
6:25 1, it was 1AM- 2, *Discord light mode.*
oK bOomErZZ
oK bOomErZZ 2 dagen geleden
STAY MAKES STRAY KIDS STAYYYYYY STRAY KIDS IS UNDERRATED STAN STRAY KIDS SKZ SKZ SKZ SKZ SKZ SKZ SKZ SKZ SKZ STAN BANGTAN SONYEONDAN STAN BTSSSSSS PS THE SHOULDER FLIP WAS ACCIDENTAL BISHES IT WAS ACCIDENTAL (mochi mochi mochi mochi mochi mochiiiiiiiiiii boiiiiiiii) pss I get high whenever someone mentions kpop I'm so sorry (not sorry) psss I don't actually fight with people over kpop (at least uhhh...not anymore) but when I see people killing and screaming at others for liking kpop then i gotta step in
Mahira Aruanque Reza
Mahira Aruanque Reza 2 dagen geleden
Before i liked kpop, i had always expected that i will be a kpop stan, it all started back in 2018 when iKON's Love Scenario was out, everyone of my friends were singing to it, and i personally enjoyed listening to it, it was a pretty catchy song, so then i decided to memorize the song with easy lyrics, and i knew all the lyrics now, but i still haven't stan kpop yet. I have alot of friends who are a kpop stan, though i still havent find them "MY STYLE", but when it was 2020, quarantine took over me and i said to myself "I wanna do something DIFFERENT" so then i downloaded tiktok, and a bunch of kpop videos just show up in my fyp, and then i started learning and knowing which group is which, which member is which, and which song is which, and then MY LIFE AS A KPOP STAN BEGINS!
that person
that person 2 dagen geleden
Loyal Ravenclaw
Loyal Ravenclaw 2 dagen geleden
I listen to a few songs from Blackpink and BTS but I haven’t gotten dragged into the KPop hole... yet
Landon Kim
Landon Kim 2 dagen geleden
Haha, Korea go brrrrrr.
Cartoon Mizu
Cartoon Mizu 2 dagen geleden
So i am an Anime Fan but i used to not like Gore but after i watched Elfen Lied it did really changed i even looked at the mermaid forest so yeah ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ (not really that long but Kay)
Mia Powis
Mia Powis 2 dagen geleden
Harry Potter
Amanda .A
Amanda .A 2 dagen geleden
"WHAT'S THEIR SKIN CARE ROUTINE, I NEED TO KNOW" ^ I also would like to know this
squidette OvO
squidette OvO 2 dagen geleden
i m really hypedabout the new fb season coming out thisyear and when i told my brother all he said was "ughhhhhhh its still not finished"
Mason Hren
Mason Hren 2 dagen geleden
Emirichu: I watch blood sweat and tears. Me: HELL YEAH
Vitor Henrique
Vitor Henrique 2 dagen geleden
Doodle Kitty
Doodle Kitty 3 dagen geleden
I watched this video like 5 times before I got into Kpop and it was just background noise for me, then my friend got me into BTS and other groups and now this video finally has meaning for me!! :D
Khawar Parvez
Khawar Parvez 3 dagen geleden
Yeah, I fell for it, the difference - I listen Blackpink
Aether The Traveler
Aether The Traveler 3 dagen geleden
Now v tuber
Chandrima Dutta
Chandrima Dutta 3 dagen geleden
I never cared for working out, especially running or lifting, but now I'm slowly trying to get into it. Emily, if you ever read this comment, I would love to hear about your workout routine & even some of your workout Playlist. And did you also used to hate working out too?
plzeatme hello
plzeatme hello 3 dagen geleden
*mic mic bungee*
Fa Yoga
Fa Yoga 3 dagen geleden
I don't really care about k pop
BiGfRuItS 3 dagen geleden
emirichu, the thing is i like to listen that i hate but EARRAPED.
lilmochi123 3 dagen geleden
I’m a proud subscriber 😌👌
ghostlyteayt 3 dagen geleden
*cough cough* is 2NE1 still a thing?
Khadija Hafaiedh
Khadija Hafaiedh 3 dagen geleden
Can i know what is the platform that you worked on?
Evelyn Lawson
Evelyn Lawson 3 dagen geleden
Kpop isn’t bad, but honestly the fandoms/most of the fans scare me. No offense if you like the fandom, its just not my cup of tea.
xIllousions 3 dagen geleden
8:10 im sorry... it was anime
ISMAM AURIN 3 dagen geleden
you and me both.
Justaweeb 3 dagen geleden
6:10 someone said blinks and I was like blink 182
Arielle 3 dagen geleden
i had the exact same experience with kpop, the first time i watched this video i didnt rlly like kpop too much, but now im into so many groups i cant even count them on my hands anymore lol
cheems_streams 3 dagen geleden
8:25 rap music... I thought that since I’m white I shouldn’t listen to Tupac,biggie,or nwa but I did and it was fuckin awesome
Lullaby Stag
Lullaby Stag 4 dagen geleden
I was indifferent and listen to songs here and there. Then one of my favorite games dropped KDA and I am now in the fandom, so thanks Riot Games!
DeliaBesgorl 4 dagen geleden
I refuse to listen to any kpop besides Yukika. I feel like I’ll be betraying Mariya Takeuchi
Lucia this video is so funny is awesome Vargas
The thing I tried to say away from was Anime but know I really in joy it
B-37-hd lh Miny
B-37-hd lh Miny 4 dagen geleden
Me who listens to the songd but doesn't love bts that much
BluewolfR 4 dagen geleden
honestly this was only when i was a kid, but Pokemon, shit you not and i fucking loved it after watching an episode.
persika 4 dagen geleden
omg i like it when you talk in korean
why hate dogs
why hate dogs 4 dagen geleden
Do u know blackpink??
Totally Crazy Studios
Totally Crazy Studios 4 dagen geleden
I honestly don't get the hype around them (I'm in the third category you mentioned) but I'm happy for anyone who likes it
Galaxy 3000
Galaxy 3000 4 dagen geleden
Fun fact: not many Koreans really like BTS anymore. Don't get me wrong, people still adore them but it's kinda hard to love a group that rarely comes back to their country.
Galaxy 3000
Galaxy 3000 4 dagen geleden
I've literally avoided *EVERYTHING* for some reason. Ex) Minecraft, Coc, CR, Phineas and Ferb, and a crap ton of anime. I still avoid a lot of stuff that I'm quite sure I will love just because I don't have the time to enjoy them.
Akar Rashu
Akar Rashu 4 dagen geleden
POEMS AND ART AND... wait I think I don't have tooo many and I now that not so many people like poems but not everyone likes the same thing and about that... that's what she said AND NOT IN A BAD WAY!
Princess Kitten
Princess Kitten 4 dagen geleden
Princess Kitten
Princess Kitten 4 dagen geleden
Madison Gross
Madison Gross 4 dagen geleden
Me falling down the hole after watching this video "YASSSSSSSSSsSSssSsss *aHeM*"
Owen Baker
Owen Baker 4 dagen geleden
Emily: Calls K-Pop videos over the top and Eye-Catching Me: Just like an over engineered Japanese car
SAIVI ADEP 5 dagen geleden
Elias Bird
Elias Bird 5 dagen geleden
my favorite bts member is *_ju ng leb ook_*
Ethel Despuig
Ethel Despuig 5 dagen geleden
Amittai Amity KAZoku
Amittai Amity KAZoku 5 dagen geleden
I really like K-pop but the experiences I've had with BTS fans make me feel uncomfortable to say I like K-pop
Sasha Kirchheiner
Sasha Kirchheiner 5 dagen geleden
i avoided kpop because i felt bad for the groups and singers having to work so much but then i listed to black pink aaaaaaaaaaand im trapped lol
The Editor
The Editor 5 dagen geleden
I understand this, and yes I am a furry
NotBen 5 dagen geleden
You know, I am watching this in 2021, and this message still hits hard.
Jamils top left snake
Jamils top left snake 5 dagen geleden
I’ve been trying to get into the fandom but idk how? I love the fandom (or at least the hardcore but respectable fans) and the music but idk how to make friends? I have a few albums, love collecting the cards and have watched almost all the “what happened to ____” series but how do you talk to ppl and become friends?
Kazuki the animekage
Kazuki the animekage 5 dagen geleden
Melanie Perez Umana
Melanie Perez Umana 5 dagen geleden
it took u 8 min to get to the point ;-;
Hamere Abayneh
Hamere Abayneh 5 dagen geleden
Me who jams to anime openings, cant relate-
Takudzwa Chibage
Takudzwa Chibage 5 dagen geleden
I've avoided star vs the forces of evil but I found. Out l loved it when l watched the episode before the season 4 finale
Boyce Snodgrass
Boyce Snodgrass 5 dagen geleden
me who lived in Korea for three years and listened to k-pop with my female Korean friends:VIBING I'mIdon't
Carson Jones
Carson Jones 6 dagen geleden
For the question at the end for me it would be anime... Uh I am watch 10 anime rn and have a list of 23 I want to watch
izumi- kun official youtuber
One direction
izumi- kun official youtuber
One dirction
Alp Oran
Alp Oran 6 dagen geleden
my songwriter side and my musical taste just have a full out brawl on wether kpop is ok or the spawn of satan. My songwriter side just keeps on gushing about the weird time signatures and interesting and catchy melodies but my musical taste just fixates on the electronic and the extyremely overproduced nature of it which subtracts all of my interest about the genre. More of a rock guy if you couldn't tell.
Дана Коспанова
-What I avoided and ended up loving? -Two things really 😅 Eggplants and Mayo And where the former I just decided to try one day, The latter I spend year eating as a part of my favourite salad, and the thing I enjoyed the most out of that salad was actually the Taste of Mayo!!! 😱 (I was so shocked for a at least a week) But then, just as with kpop in this video, realized that I am alteady in the Mayo Hole😂
TheDoggo 6 dagen geleden
that happened to me with tik tok
Cati Da Duck
Cati Da Duck 6 dagen geleden
Poor dude just wanted mochi
Husnain Hashmi
Husnain Hashmi 6 dagen geleden
For the question at the end i usually avoided anime tought it was nerdy or weird until it happened the light from jojo and yo kai watch brought me to the perfection that is anime
N!NA 6 dagen geleden
i haven't gotten rlly into kpop because it just seems like a lot of investment that i'm too lazy for, but i will say there are some absolute bangers and both the videos and outfits are super visually appealing. respect
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