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Big thank you to Moon for the stop motion clips of my pins (and for playing the part of the angry neighbor haha)
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13 okt. 2018




Bezig met laden.....

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Olivia Gill
Olivia Gill Dag geleden
•Monika Muffins•
•Monika Muffins• 3 dagen geleden
I don't even have to try to make a hideous face
Rantaro Amami
Rantaro Amami 4 dagen geleden
Me: *watching puppy videos* Awwwww so cute *starts crying* dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Sees Deviantart emotional art* fine *starts crying again*
StrawberryTea 8 dagen geleden
Me being two years late for all of the mer...mertch...mercy...merch...I can’t spell any ways back to what I was saying I’m two years late🥲😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
suddenbooch 11 dagen geleden
aww hugs
Gerson Sacalxot
Gerson Sacalxot 20 dagen geleden
Lol almost believed the neighbors car but didint
a-bell B
a-bell B 21 dag geleden
Wow...she really had to sneak kyo into her vid
Master Cheetah
Master Cheetah Maand geleden
"Don't put it near a baby or an animal." Me with 3 cats:
richy Maand geleden
welp I only got 2 years late **ugly cries**
m_sop. bz
m_sop. bz Maand geleden
this moment when u live in Germany...
Andrew Vachon
Andrew Vachon 2 maanden geleden
It says your merch store website isn't secure :(
sspicysthetic 2 maanden geleden
Love this
シItzchocochip productions
シItzchocochip productions 2 maanden geleden
I’m thinking of having a pin collection any shops that are good quality and cheap?
Charlie Bernhardt
Charlie Bernhardt 2 maanden geleden
I rarely cry and the only times I remember crying are when was moments come up in animes or when I watched the green mile! Y'all should know what the green mile is
Mars • Mellow
Mars • Mellow 2 maanden geleden
Geert De boer
Geert De boer 2 maanden geleden
Please tell me this is still available:(
606 Kianna 606 Lerma
606 Kianna 606 Lerma 2 maanden geleden
I don't really cry
ChocolateTNT 2 maanden geleden
I want to buy it But it doesnt exist anymore
Kikker Kind
Kikker Kind 2 maanden geleden
1:23 are we not going to talk about that anime girl on the car?
Juan Ignacio Pinto Rivera
Juan Ignacio Pinto Rivera 3 maanden geleden
b7 _
b7 _ 3 maanden geleden
This is just Subaru
FilmRot 3 maanden geleden
How did your Kokoro get Brokoro?
Sahniyah Lusanga
Sahniyah Lusanga 3 maanden geleden
i'm an ugly cryer anyways so emiy- san i got u covered one ugly cry coming up
1:23 looks like the car had been vandalised with stickers already
Clock Work
Clock Work 3 maanden geleden
The thumbnail made me think of Little Misfortune
Mintorī 4 maanden geleden
I used to think “Merch” was a 😂
Løveity Chan
Løveity Chan 4 maanden geleden
0:07 the first one was my favorite tho😂😂😂
[Brii Studios UwU]
[Brii Studios UwU] 4 maanden geleden
I'm broke soo....*Ugly cries*
Galih Priadiwangsa
Galih Priadiwangsa 4 maanden geleden
1:22 That doesn't sound fake and it's worrying
Toastii :3
Toastii :3 4 maanden geleden
"HEY WHATCHA DOIN'" -Emirichu's mad neighbour
Paul Miller
Paul Miller 4 maanden geleden
K Slip
K Slip 4 maanden geleden
Your super uncool, XD
THE BOYS VS EVIL DEAD 4 maanden geleden
1:22 i was laughing the hell out
Ava Ha
Ava Ha 4 maanden geleden
omg did u actually put a sticker on ur neigbors car!!!
Mikey 5 maanden geleden
You don’t know me but I’m a fan of the artist Prince and a handful of other dead artists When you said Prince I almost died I thought you made Prince merch.....for whatever reason? My mind is weird don’t mind me
Justin Is Forgiven
Justin Is Forgiven 5 maanden geleden
I Cry A Lot. Maybe I'm emotional maybe it was "Ride Your Wave" or maybe it was "The Shape of Voice" or maybe it was life. Probably all three though.
Pratima Anavekar
Pratima Anavekar 5 maanden geleden
If there was a daily challenge for most hideous face, I’d win 365 of them a year.
Tajz 124
Tajz 124 5 maanden geleden
Plot twist: The neighbor is a Emirichu hater
GloomyEerie 5 maanden geleden
1:23 LMAO
a fart
a fart 5 maanden geleden
Scripted 5 maanden geleden
rainwater. 5 maanden geleden
Christopher Edwards
Christopher Edwards 5 maanden geleden
1:22 LOL!😂
Lawn Chair Pete
Lawn Chair Pete 5 maanden geleden
What if Ugly Crying was just the friends we met along the way?
Weebo_boo :-0
Weebo_boo :-0 5 maanden geleden
Was that really it neighbour??ŌvŌ
Luke Wong
Luke Wong 5 maanden geleden
peter h
peter h 5 maanden geleden
i enjoyed this a lot. also, was that Rem at 1:23?
Annao 5 maanden geleden
It's good to cry! ( for a limited time )
Pratiksha Pathak
Pratiksha Pathak 5 maanden geleden
LightenStar 5 maanden geleden
The only merch I genuinely want to buy It’s so funny XD
Vintage x Berry
Vintage x Berry 5 maanden geleden
legends have it the neighbour is still shouting
Zaky Qursany
Zaky Qursany 5 maanden geleden
WAIT, did you actually slap a sticker on your neighbors car? Hahaha😂
TheR4ndomKid 5 maanden geleden
0:08 masterpiece
phu naeng
phu naeng 5 maanden geleden
When it’s 2020 and you want it but the merchant is gone already You:*makes hideous crying faces*
Beeschurger Worker
Beeschurger Worker 5 maanden geleden
the neighbor had a rem sticker
MnM Kittens
MnM Kittens 5 maanden geleden
XxHewwo_PandaxX 5 maanden geleden
You said crying is cute but bruh
XxHewwo_PandaxX 5 maanden geleden
And when I saw the cover I was like I got to watch this
Lidia G
Lidia G 6 maanden geleden
Prince is so cuutttttteee
Ink Heart
Ink Heart 6 maanden geleden
1:22 was that real or scripted
Peachy narwheel
Peachy narwheel 6 maanden geleden
emirichu!! i asked wolfychu if she wants to join the challenge i asked could you ask her to tell you about it i have been searching youtubers XD
FAIRLY ODDKEITH1.0 64 6 maanden geleden
The ugly crying face is kinda creepy looking 😓
TFAnimations 6 maanden geleden
I haven't drawn in like 3 months so now I struggle with anything. Getting burned out on art sucks
Pruple Pen
Pruple Pen 6 maanden geleden
My kokoro is brokoro. Perfection
venti 6 maanden geleden
I have a siamese cat uwu
Edmond the bunny
Edmond the bunny 6 maanden geleden
I’m just crying bc Elliott Smith is dead
Ylecentsi 6 maanden geleden
I wanna buy your banana fo sale
Isabella Price
Isabella Price 6 maanden geleden
I would be crying for a real reason if I was to send a picture
Eko Murwanto
Eko Murwanto 6 maanden geleden
1:23 oh gosh
momo yaoyorozu
momo yaoyorozu 6 maanden geleden
honestly i didnt put a sticker in someones random car i actually put stickers in my dads back which btw is a very super sticky one that can literally tear your skin apart and well that happend to my dads back but i was like 5 or 6 that time haha sorry dad luvs you
Yuxin Ma
Yuxin Ma 6 maanden geleden
plot twist: the banana is actually colossal titan-sized
Mirio Togata
Mirio Togata 6 maanden geleden
honestly, i came here for the thumbnail
larry lobster
larry lobster 6 maanden geleden
Bruh im the 793,000 viewer.
Kite _Channel
Kite _Channel 6 maanden geleden
You must have been out of your mind when you named your merch as "ugly merchandise" But then again it's something interesting.
A swan
A swan 6 maanden geleden
A question: why all of your clothes dsines is about crying?🌚 Even your new dsiene
HEA DLCB 6 maanden geleden
I think its very common because people who are very sweet can also be very sensitive not all the time but still, hope this helps😊
UwU. O.o
UwU. O.o 6 maanden geleden
Do anyone want to see hiss
woof alpha
woof alpha 6 maanden geleden
At 0:08 is me when i cant buy any merch...
LexiLPS 6 maanden geleden
1:23 me
rubbe 7 maanden geleden
i had to watch an ad to watch an ad??? I WONT STAND FOR THIS EMILY!
Carolina & Daniela santander
Nice thumbnail
[Brii Studios UwU]
[Brii Studios UwU] 7 maanden geleden
Emily:your neigbor`s car random person:HEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? Me:Welp she`s screwed
MuffinInAToga 7 maanden geleden
lol I feel u!! when I cry I look so weirdddddd!!! 😂
ichigo senpai
ichigo senpai 7 maanden geleden
So good
ichigo senpai
ichigo senpai 7 maanden geleden
I love you if you like go see my videos
Gãçha Hirâkî
Gãçha Hirâkî 7 maanden geleden
People - calmly wait for ads watch the video end it and like Me - ignores ad likes before even watching video and then watch it and look at coments
Thedarkpiggy 7 maanden geleden
I saw Rem. Yay
APotatoGuy LikesDogs
APotatoGuy LikesDogs 7 maanden geleden
But I’m short I am a short person
That one Kid
That one Kid 7 maanden geleden
When I have art block the only word I think of is “OC” so I have to suffer with constantly having artblock and drawing my OC
Sarah Reyes
Sarah Reyes 7 maanden geleden
why do does every NLblockr do something like sticking a sticker on a random car lol btw no hate
Sarah Reyes
Sarah Reyes 7 maanden geleden
oh she didnt well it tricked meh #badayesight lol
NO THAT'S WRONG! 7 maanden geleden
Thumbnail: **Crying** BUT WAIT THERES MORE!!! I have merch... yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
Loafy Calico
Loafy Calico 7 maanden geleden
Omg my dad calls my face when I cry ugly ;w;
Xx_Sunflower_xX 7 maanden geleden
Prince is the same name as my bird
naurin 7 maanden geleden
I saw the car with an anime picture on it but maybe in delusional
phantom banana
phantom banana 7 maanden geleden
I would legit buy the ugly crying thumbnail picture if it came on a pillow case
Lindsey milliken
Lindsey milliken 7 maanden geleden
Lies I tell you I thought I was going to like the video but I'm not going to dislike
Lara Cabrita
Lara Cabrita 7 maanden geleden
This is one of my favourite videos on youtube thank you emily for this blessing
This.demondシ Mendez
This.demondシ Mendez 7 maanden geleden
OML the Merch’s just..,SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!
Sophia Vincent
Sophia Vincent 7 maanden geleden
My face is ugly so I always ugly cry
The Checkmate King
The Checkmate King 7 maanden geleden
I get art block 7 times a week.
esphiq_ 7 maanden geleden
Nathanishungry Animations
Nathanishungry Animations 7 maanden geleden
WHO THE FLIP MADE HER CRY?! *edit: this kinda sound like some SIMP crap but this was really a joke. Just thought I needed to clarify.*
n a i r u
n a i r u 7 maanden geleden
Me: watches this video Emirichu: "This shirt will be available for 10 days and they're gone." Me: Looks at when the video was released The Video: 1 year ago Me: :C
KLG 24 dagen geleden
@HeartStorm 82 - 1008 :((((((
HeartStorm 82 - 1008
HeartStorm 82 - 1008 Maand geleden
Alzeonno Alzeon
Alzeonno Alzeon 5 maanden geleden
кяєω fαи
кяєω fαи 5 maanden geleden
Tajz 124
Tajz 124 5 maanden geleden
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